Britney Griner


Her show trial will start Friday.  Once convicted and sentenced, a prisoner swap is most likely.  

International Arms Dealer Viktor Bout for a professional basketball player with a couple of vape pens.

Seems totally fair.

There are people in prison in the United States for similar offenses. 

^ That is exactly what I have been thinking this whole time, as many U.S. politicians huff & puff about how outrageous this is for her. Laws vary and consequences are real......IF the charges are valid but that's another story altogether.

Never been a fan of hers, matter of fact, personally I can't fuckin stand her, but at this point now I just feel terrible for her. That last photo, she looks absolutely petrified. Yeah it was beyond stupid to bring vapes into russia at the time the war was breaking out.  But as a us sports star citizen she never should have been allowed to go back to russia. Where were those that should have been looking out for her ?  State Dept maybe ?  

Free Britney

the carts were planted and she is fucked


I guess she "needed the money" over the off-season but as a Lesbian, Black, American sports star, she was sorta fkt before even arriving there.

I am not holding my breath to see some of these blowhard U.S. politicians start fighting hard to change/equalize our own laws and for the Americans whom have had their lives derailed in places like....Kansas. 

"This American teacher also sits in a Russian jail, worried nobody cares"

Thanks for the link, Strawbud. I'm sad for Marc Fogel's family. If only he'd been a celebrity, he'd probably have a lot more support.

Just another dumb American abroad.

No big surprise, they found Griner guilty of attempting to smuggle illegal narcotics into Russia, and she was sentenced to nine years in a penal colony.

9 for 2?

What'cha gonna do?

"I made an honest mistake and I hope that in your ruling that it doesn't end my life here," Griner said.



That's what the Russian court effectively did.  Throwing aside her 6 year run at Yekaterinburg where she was a top player, she won't be playing in Russia anytime soon.  Such is the price that comes with being a political pawn.


She can channel her inner Solzhenitsyn

You know the Russians wouldn't have given two shits about a couple vape cartridges if it wasn't for America's support for Ukraine.  Otherwise, this would have all been resolved with a 2000 ruble "tip" to the customs inspector.

К черту Путина, к черту войну

Google Translate made me laugh this morning. Thanks, Ken.


The Adolf of our times!

>>You know the Russians wouldn't have given two shits about a couple vape cartridges if it wasn't for America's support for Ukraine

Not so sure about that. There's another American there doing 14 years for pretty much the same thing, but I guess he accidentally brought flower.  He's not part of any deals, and he'll probably die in Russian prison.

Ultimately, she is now a political pawn even though this different time and set of circumstance may *maybe* offer some hope for Britney Griner and Marc Fogle.

"In 2019, New York college student Audrey Lorber spent less than two months in prison after she allegedly entered Russia carrying 19 grams of marijuana. A Russian court found Lorber guilty of attempting to import marijuana, but she was released with time served and exempted from paying a fine."

Brittney Griner delivers final plea for leniency before verdict: 'I hope that in your ruling that it doesn’t end my life here'

It looks like the dope head of the year award is now between two contestants


Britney Griner for trying to sneak weed into Russia


Iman Shupert - trying to smuggle six ounces of Texas Weed into The land of legal weed California on an airplane, boy that Texas weed must be good 

" and my brother,

he got lifetime there" ( or my sister..)


Viola Lee Blues

These are wealthy elite athletes.  They have a certain arrogance.  They are used to getting what they want, not being political pawns.

Good King Joe should start searching every Rooskie coming through customs.

Also, fuck Putin.

I watched the Tom Hanks' film Bridge of Spies last night. Some things never change, although we have moved from spies and pilots and students to arms dealers and stoners.

seeing some shady shit on this thread

she is going to be "exchanged"

and, yea, if the WNBA were paid equally to their brothers, there would be no need for her to have ever gone there.


What in this thread is shady?

Let her sit in Jail... No Trades for Terrorists!!!

If her appeal fails and/or there is no deal to spring her, she'll be quite lucky to end up in a work camp where she can teach & coach basketball. That would be a last-ditch best case scenario...most women prisoners there end up getting abused and losing fingers or worse at their 17-hr/day seemstres "jobs". But, yea, the money is not the same for WNBA players (in comparison to NBA players) but whose fault is that and which entity needs to pay more, just because? The advertisers, the leagues, the fans? Who needs to simply pony up more pay to make it 'equitable', even if the demand and money really isn't there?

I do feel sorry for her in that she surely made and admitted to a very big mistake in a very crooked place but calling her detention in a foreign country which has harsh laws as "unlawful" is a big stretch too.

...keep it in mind that she'd probably be even more fkt if this happened in a place like Singapore, for example. It sucks that she had to travel in order to boost her income to whatever level she felt was sufficient or necessary but many people do that or even fully relocate for better opportunities or pay as well. I am also not convinced that she "packed in such a hurry" (over-looking the carts in her baggage) for such a long stay in a far-flung place but the situation is what it is. Hope she gets out soon without too much collateral damage.


>if the WNBA were paid equally to their brothers<


The WNBA does not generate a profit, it loses approximately $10 million per year. The WNBA wouldn't exist if not for NBA subsidies. Given this fact, why should the athletes in the WNBA receive salaries on par with the athletes in the NBA?


It's interesting that Biden is calling this an "illegal detention." Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Americans are serving time here, for exactly the same thing. Are they also being illegally detained?

She broke the law in a country with draconic laws. Count her lucky that she's famous and is going to get set free. That 60 year old dude is doing 14 years of hard labor for the same thing. Unless he's added to the swap, he'll probably die there. He's not famous, so the State Department doesn't see his as an illegal detention.

The pay equity in women's sports is an entirely different issue. Griner didn't break Russia's laws because of pay equity.

Hundreds of thousands are in jail here for bringing one vape through customs?

>>Hundreds of thousands are in jail here for bringing one vape through customs?

For small amounts of weed. Why is her detention any more illegal than theirs?

I find those who automatically assume her guilt, and some of the language around it to be on the #shadyside 

Ymmv, as the koolaid kids say


I bet the borscht ain't too bad over there.

>>I find those who automatically assume her guilt, and some of the language around it to be on the #shadyside<<

With all due respect, she never said the oil/carts were not hers while admitting that, as an AZ Canna med patient, she over-looked their presence in her bag after packing in a rush for her gig in Russia...and she pled guilty too. What else is there? Please specify what is "shady" in the discussion here. Russia, alongside the stance of many U.S. states, does not honor Canna medical cards from other "jurisdictions." 


^my assumption is that in past years  Griner has brought cannabis into Russia without issue.  The war changed things.



When I think of Britney, I think of her not being able to fit on a normal bed or mattress and her legs hanging uncomfortably off whenever she's laying on.  The whole thing fucking sucks. 


<<The pay equity in women's sports is an entirely different issue. 

This is a stupid argument. Revenue for the WNBA comes from arena attendance, tv contracts, memorabilia sold, etc. Because the men are better athletes and play much more exciting games, they get paid more because they exponentially eclipse any revenues the WNBA could ever hope to imagine. The woman make a fraction because hardly anyone watches them on tv, buys their jersey's or go to their games. 

>>>some of the language around it to be on the #shadyside 

A bit too much glee and "woman bad".

Men are better athletes and play more exciting games is a subjective conclusion.


<<The pay equity in women's sports is an entirely different issue. 

The fact that people use the US Women's  Soccer Team as some sort of yard stick for pay equity is ridiculous. They are the GOATS of the sport. They dominate and they bring in way more money than the Men's team. They shouldn't get paid the same as men they should get paid more. 

There are probably a few other examples like gymnastics and figure skating, but it shouldn't be complicated. You get paid based on what you bring in, and if women don't like that they can start going to WNBA games. There are plenty of tickets available. 

....and their playoffs just started too, with sadly little fanfare. The big business of pro (and college) sports rolls on.

Niño you're right; I was thinking women's football.

My bad.

I still maintain the belief that she had zero cannabis items intentionally in her possession. 

If I recall, when (Sir) Paul McCartney got arrested in Japan back in 1980, it sent a message to all drug using bands; "don't tour in Japan", which many, like the dead, never did!

Hopefully this war will end soon, and when (if) things go back to normal, I don't picture many people wanting to work in Russia either...