Bobby Weir & Wolf Bros Live Westville Music Bowl | 10/1/22 | Set I | Sneak Peek

Salt Lake City!! Now that’s a killer rarity. Love that tune. The Dead blew the roof off the Delta Center when they played it their only time in 1995. 

Yeah boy , Salt Lake City !

Opener of night three in '95. Followed with FOTD. (Another Utah reference.) 

Maybe Bob did it tonight to commemorate "Conference weekend" this weekend, a twice-yearly event when all the mo's gather in SLC (Motown) to listen to all the white men speak.  

Setlist FM:  Shakedown   Speedway   Salt Lake   Catfish John   El Paso   Mexicali   He's Gone   Cassidy

                    Dark Hollow   2 Djinn   Truckin'   Weather Report 1&2   China   Rider   Prudence   Saturday Nite   E: Ripple   Playin'

Dark Hollow on the preview killed, pedal steel high in the mix

Dark Hollow on the preview killed, pedal steel high in the mix<<<

It was nice to hear Sless get center stage on DH, but thought the band really took off on 2 Djinn.  I was a bit hesitant at first re: Bob's tone, but thought it all came together in an interesting way.


I hope these guys play Salt Lake City at the Salt Lake City stop in a few weeks. I was present and really hoping for it but did not expect it when GD played it there in '95, alongside what I consider a tip-top highlight and great Garcia delivery of that year, Visions of Johanna!! The 'SLC' performance musta 'left an impression' because the song was apparently banned from any/all official 2002 Olympics marketing, proceedings, etc. LOL. What a great way to go out on the last show of that really quite nice 3-show run!

Barlow's birthday is today. Maybe it was an early nod to that.

Adult behavior  - Barlow (800x600)_1.jpg

What the FUCK is up with Jay Lane playing left handed???

After all these years has he just decided to switch???

It's freaking me out.