Billy Strings was so good that I...



...I had a heart attack! 

As mild as one can be in the overall scheme of things and I'm doing just fine 5 days later, but he sure did blow me away. :-)


Holy shit. Glad you are ok!

Nice pic by the way.

Wow. Heal up, skifurthur!

Yes - Great Pic, by the way!!

Sorry to hear this. I hope you recover fully and quickly. 

Rest up, Anthony. We need you at shows....

The black screen is becoming like a cardiac unit lately. Heal up soon.

Heart stopping music, eh? Wish me luck, I see him play next week..

Heal up soon. 

Holy cow glad you're doing ok!

Yes great pic. Isn't that Ozzy's tattoo on his shirt? (How in the hell do I know that)?

Keep on keeping on!


Get well soon Tony! Maybe just order the HD livestream tomorrow instead of the 4K. Pretty sure there are extra nugs fees for heart attacks

Yes it is, localcountyline. Nice catch!

Really glad to hear you're doing well. And yes, ANOTHER great image. Glad you dug the show and got turned on. Just get better soon. Please. 

Wow, Tony, sorry to hear it. Wishing you speedy and complete healing - you've got music to hear, pics to take, and life and love to come.

Zoner down!  Not what I expected from this thread title!

Maybe consider slowing down the playback speed when watching Billy on YouTube in the future. ;)

Take good care and keep us posted on your recovery.

If the thunder don't get you then the EDM light show will.

Expected we'd hear reports of Tourette's Syndrome outbreaks from those things, but not heart attacks.

Sounds like you caught it in time.  Hope you are on the road to a full recovery.

Skifurthur , so damned happy you are just fine now. Heart attack (minor or not) at a shoe is a thing.

If you care to share,, during the show and did you get medical attention quickly?

Dancing while off duty?

If you care to share,, during the show and did you get medical attention quickly?

.I was taking photos of the Sea.Hear.Now festival and I progressively got more winded. At first I attributed that to the fact that I had broken a few ribs 3 weeks earlier. During the Billy Strings set, I decided it was time to take a break. Sat down on a curb and attempted to reset since I was a bit sweaty and fatigued. Security, probably thinking that I had over-imbibed, came over to see if I was ok. I told them I just needed to sit a spell before continuing. About 15 mins later they came by again and asked again. I didn't seem to be recovering at all so I said it was probably best to cart me to the med tent. After taking my vitals in the tent they realized that something was seriously amiss. Another 20 mins or so and they decided to put me in the ambulance and take me to the emergency room. It was on the ride over that my heart really started racing to the point that they had to give me a drug to stop my heartbeat in an attempt to reset it. They did, it reset and calmed down a bit, but not to a good level. i was stabilized in the emergency room but my blood work told them I had some sort of cardiac event. More tests and they got the answer. Some rest, more tests and a stent and I am back on my feet. I need to take some drugs for a bit, or maybe for a long time. I'm sure I will be fine going forward. I just need to adjust a few things.

I'm glad that, when needed, festival staff was on top of things and made sure I got the help I needed. 

Damn Brother.... Heal up Fast, Hope to see ya soon...


BS,, I tried to warn you about that little mutherfucker. 

For us old bastards the Blues is all you need.

I'm So Glad you're ok bro

Ken, do we have some sort of lawsuit here ? 

Glad you pay attention to what your body is telling you.

and this also

>>>>festival staff was on top of things and made sure I got the help I needed

Glad you're here to celebrate the birthday of "The Boss."

Glad you came through OK.  Scary stuff.

Very scary... glad you're OK!

SKI ~ GET TESTS DONE NOW !  Take It From Me ! Do NOT Mess Around  ! If Surgery Is Needed DO IT.

Speedy recovery to you.

My shit under observation and another CT scan in my future.   Nothing pressing but you know...thunder, lightning.

Welcome to the club Adam.

Only one stent?.......  JK

Time to adjust your diet bro.  And yeah, those pills.  I actually stopped taking everything but plavix and aspirin soon after event. The sides on the statins were murder (super strong shoulder pain. Constant almost unbearable). And my cholesterol was/ is not so bad. And my bp is not super high either. Major adjustment to diet though. And EXERCISE. Every day.

Where are your cholesterol and blood pressure?

Hoping for the best in your speedy recovery and adjustments.

Glad you are okay, skifurthur!

{{{{ healing vibes }}}}

Tests, tests and more tests have been done. 

BP was high during the event but has appeared to normalize in a good area. Something to watch though. Cholesterol needs to come down a little but nothing that a better diet won't fix. The stent was put in an area that looked like it might become a problem sometime soon. Preventive maintainence. 

Thank you for all the well wishes, even those made to that Adam guy. :-)  


Glad you're okay, stay on top of it. So glad the event staff took notice.

Glad your on the mend Tony 

Hey Tony Glad you are ok! Be in touch if you have any questions or whatnot. Not sure if you remember, but I have been a cardiology PA for the last 20 years and can help if needed :) Greg

When a bluegrass band plays Nasau Coliseum it's time to look. Glad I got to see him twice at the cap

Get well, Tony