Bill Walton Attacked While Riding His Bike


...and lashing out at San Diego mayor for spiraling issues surrounding homeless population there:

Some additional detail in this link:

Take down the giant, we can use that bike for our winter condo superstructure.

"1609" homeless people in a city of more than a million?

That's actually staggeringly low

I would say bill needs to get out more, but he's already everywhere.

Bill needs to tell his Gods that they need to start playing for the people again and sell your Malibu homes and get REAL!

Promontory rider, territory ranger, lookout!

do-little fancies himself a real estate agent today, selling houses here, and trying to turn judit's place into an airbnb in the Eugene thread. Is he delusional, or does he just get off by sticking his nose into other people's business?

> "1609" homeless people in a city of more than a million?

The way they phrase that in the article is kinda strange, and not at all clear: "The city saw 1,609 homeless people earlier this month..." The city "saw"?

A quick google shows the homeless population in San Diego has increased recently, and what I'm finding is that "there are at a minimum roughly 8,427 individuals experiencing homelessness across San Diego County with a little more than half living in shelters" according to an article from May of this year.

Turtle should have a thing or two to say about this, I'm thinking.

Which gods are those with what Malibu homes, dolittle? 

Yep, sounds about White:  San Diego  "saw 1609" homeless people before they gave them bus tickets elsewhere, like to Portland. 

Guessing social service agencies are suffering there, too.

well I dunno...what can be done?

social media people say stop voting democrat....apparently republicans have a magic wand to fix everything, including homelessness. i'm sure many would be in favor of just culling them all...

while i do not live in sd, the problem is the same all over the state.

1. ca is warm and mild. where would you choose to sleep in the street? pittsburgh or sf?

2. rampant "drug treatment homes" all over the place, they are generally for profit and take housing from a limited pool. when people fail their programs, they do not immediately return to n., they in la baby.

3. states send and coerce homeless with 1-way bus tickets

4. we have some social services

5. people just can't make it anymore....late stage capitalism. this the result...



There are real homeless people who should be receiving most of the services and housing. Then are the rabid junkies who are fine shooting with up in tents, breaking into cars, shitting all over the place, trashing their surroundings. If you let drugged up zombies live anywhere they like with few rules, this is what you'll get. 

And it would be one thing if it was the compassionate thing to do. I fail to see very little humanity in it. 


"Bill Walton Attacked While Riding His Bike"

Must have been someone that sat behind him at a show.


Turtle laid it out pretty well on the homeless situation in Cal.

> while i do not live in sd

Sorry, dude. I thought you lived down that way.

Closed hospitals in Cali while gov., Sent federal funding for mental illness back to the states where in most places the issue was ignored.

Plenty of blame to go around.

Hell, here on the Northern Gulf coast Aunt Kay Ivey used the BP oil spill funds to build a prison.

Reagan was a total asshole and helped kick off many of the "issues" we have today, although still a choir boy in comparison to today's GOP cartoons. I doubt that he could successful win a GOP primary these days.

Reagan was a douche who tried to have ketchup considered as a vegetable for school lunches. Reagan also liked to kid about launching nuclear strikes on the Soviet Union around open mics. Reagan set up cocaine, guns, and money business deals with our enemies. It was during Reagan's presidency that mentally ill people who were hospitalized were set loose in the streets with instructions to come back periodically for their meds, which many of them never did. Reagan turned a blind eye on AIDs. Shall I go on? Reagan was nothing like a choir boy, in comparison or otherwise. Time just makes memories blurry.

Don't forget about trees causing pollution....

Or the way he governed the State of California.