On The Beach---NYA


Each week Neil selects a record of the week, this week its, IMO the best record he ever made, On The Beach, YRMV



Always been one of my Favs.....

Love that album.  So good.

Ten years ago today I went out on my first date with the woman who would turn out to be my wife. We dropped acid and went to the Milwaukee County Zoo, it was awesome. On the way back she asked if we could listen to this album. What an amazing bit of music! I cant believe it’s been ten years. 

I don’t think I’ve ever heard this album. I will remedy that. Thanks for the introduction.

^ what?

really, that's surprising.

4 winds

while I agree that its hard to believe that some don't know OTB, there are 3 very distinct periods when Neil was out of "favor" with the general public, the period of OTB, Zuma , TTN, , the people who love Harvest and before didn't like the direction Neil took. This happened again during the Geffen years and I hazzard a guess its happening now with POTR records. Judit is in for a treat

Sits at the top of my favorites from Neil.

To be fair, OTB was out of print and relatively inaccessible for a number of years.

Well, well...Looks like Neil busted out On The Beach , on the recent European Tour...


not only that he did love and only love the next night and like an inca sunday in ireland


nych at msg will be EPIC be there or be square :)