Bannon indicted


... better late than never

<< A former Goldman Sachs exec, who was previously arrested on the yacht of a Communist China billionaire and charged with defrauding investors in a phony border wall scam just got himself indicted for contempt of Congress.

<< he also sabotaged biosphere        

I'll drink to that!



Breaking Bannon

He looks like gout that got gout.

~John Fugelsang~

Lock that motherfucker up in General Population. 

He was already Trump’s bitch, he’ll make a good bitch in prison.

Enough going after the low hanging fruit, you have to sever the head of the serpent - 

Indict trump

My wife interviewed Bannon back in the day while writing an article about Biosphere II for a horticulture magazine. 

Apparently he was a whacko even back then.



He will likely got to jail rather than testify as Trump's Noble Martyr.

Good time to revisit  Bannon's remarks in France from a few years ago.

From USA Today:

"Let them call you racist," the man widely credited with crafting President Trump's nationalist message during the 2016 campaign told a far-right crowd in France last week.

"Let them call you xenophobes," Steve Bannon continued. "Let them call you nativist. Wear it as a badge of honor. Because every day, we get stronger and they get weaker." 

Keep thinking that, Stevie .



He'll get a slap on the wrist and never testify. 


He looks like Herpes' stunt double.

~John Fugelsang~