Any other Zoners on Majority Report YT chat right now?


I just saw Crazy Otto.

Matt Lech is sharp, man. He's historically inclined, and usually well-spoken. They're talking about... I dpn't know. I'm stpned. 

but he is. And I like Emma, but i do miss Michael and Jaime. Matt Binder's way cool. I bet he'd be a fun Zoner.


They're taking call and samn this guy is stomed/

They're talking about Thomas Pynchon. So cool. 

Senate history from Lech. Good stuff about the filibuster and the Senate. 

These people do good cultural work. I bet Gramsci would've appreciated them. 

These kind of threads usually happen when the westies are finally falling asleep, my mornings. Even so... Classic Floops lol.

Good fun half tonight. I'm surprised at the crickets for the Majority Report on the Zone. 

i mean


where? when?

(((be my google)))