Another HSBG night show September 29


Songwriter's circle featuring Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, the Mastersons and special guests announced this afternoon: Jackson Browne and Billy Strings!


September 29, 2022 at the Herbst Theatre.

I was just thinking of posting this myself.

Civic duty and all.

This one could really be amazing. The Herbst is a special, intimate theater, and there are still $100 tix available (it's a small room, the balcony is not a bad seat) but I'm busy with other things that night so no spot taken.

'Epic' is an over-used word, but that week in San Francisco sure is shaping up to be epic.


I got dress circle seats - and I agree Tom, not a bad seat in the house!

the herbst has done alot of music/conversation type shows over the one point i went to see john darnielle from the mountian goats get interviewed for one set and play solo acoustic for the second set, but the billing was more clear that the show was going to be heavy on the conversation...this poster doesnt really make it super clear whats going on, if "songwriters circle" is conversational in some way, if these folks will all be playing solo/with their own bands, or if it will be one cohesive group.

id be pretty interested in this if it was one cohesive group only playing music, but its not really clear to me what this show will be, and my first impression isnt really that this will be one cohesive group only playing music. anyone have any idea how this will go down?

My impression is that a "Songwriters Circle" is usually the players sitting in a semi-circle, talking about their songs and playing them, with the others playing along to one degree or another, no band/s.

Not usually really my thing, but in this case it would likely be a fun time, for a decent cause, in a very cool venue.

I'm not a big Steve Earl fan (while acknowledging his greatness) but I am a fan of the others, who are all unique, special players/songwriters with classic songs, and I'd imagine it would be a fun, intimate time hearing them singing their songs in a different way than usual.

Ultimately, a better time for folks of a certain age?

But then, young Billy will likely bring some youthful buzz to the proceedings.

Plus, the Herbst is such a cool venue...


I imagine if you're a fan of any/all of these old-timers it will a memorable show.

Legendary? Probably not, but what the hell. A good, unique time is still a good, unique time.

And what's a hundred bucks these days??? 

(Says the guy not spending the hundy on this)

Ultimately, a better time for folks of a certain age?

Hand raised!

That place looks tiny. A stream of this would be great. I'd pay for it.

Will there be a mosh pit?



Wait. I don't see room for hoodies down front.