Would have went but my sister got married that day. Nice mixed up setlist as was the case in 85.






Best show of '85.

Thanks for posting the upgrade.

I went to the JGB show there in '92. 5 miles from Mexican border. Hot as fuck, but a blast.

My first show and first huge dose.

we were 10 feet from the stage on Phil's side.

I kinda wish i'd seen a few shows before this one so I could have appreciated it more in real time.

best Scarlet>Fire & Samson i ever saw. My only She Belongs To Me & Satisfaction, and the first of only two Comes a Time.

one of the greatest days of my life.

The show with the longest pre-drums second set of the 80's?  Around & Around before drums?  What a strange and wild set.  I wasn't there, but a buddy was, and he raved about it.  

Best of '85 is a big claim.  So many great ones to choose from:

Nassau night 2.

The Spectrum nights 2 and 3.


Merriweather Post Pavilion both nights.

Hershey Park

Starlight Amphitheatre

Red Rocks night 3

Richmond Coliseum both nights

A good year to be twenty years old and seeing lots of shows.

The run at the Kaiser just before this show was pretty hot too, and not just because it included my one and only birthday show.

Yes, obviously "best of" almost anything is questionable.......

I would also say Greek 6-14 because Morning Dew to start the set, then add in Comes A Time....

I couldn't go to Chula Vista because I was in NY, but it was the day before my birthday so I sure wanted to be there.

       The next show was Hollywood Florida where of course they opened the second set with Morning Dew; naturally I wasn't there but

I flew down from Rochester and was at the next night in Tampa where they did Space->Comes A Time, which was excellent, in a venue

so small the soundboard was at the back of the floor. 

Of course there was excited talk about the Fox shows coming up next that I had to grit my teeth through because I couldn't make them.

I agree with your list Dave, I was at SPAC and it was pretty insane....So sorry to miss Hershey and Merriweather.

My wife laughs when I talk about this because she, on the other hand, was in the position to go to about 50 shows that year...






love to get these discs coyote 

lemme know how I can proceed



IWT-one of my favorite afternoons ever!!! 


not the same but I would enjoy it if DSO were to recreate this while im in attendance sometime.