4 time loser


Covid for the 4th time

Between 4 shots and Antiviral regiment it all went smoothly.

I feel much better but still test positive.

Had front row tix for Roger Waters tonight in Miami, been holding them for 3 fuckin years.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

That sucks, Tim. But on the upside, if you don't agree with Waters' politics, he wants you to fuck off.

With the new guidelines can't you go out on day 6, even if you test positive but feel better and don't have a fever?

Jeez Louise, Tim. wtf?

But 4 time loser? How is that possible when you've already beat the rona 3 times, and you'll be beating it this time too.

Get well soon, dude.

I would not feel very comfortable going into an indoor arena being hot. I have a conscious.

I don't give a fuck for his politics, I just close my eyes and listen to Animals.

Get well, sucks to miss a front row show.

Hope you can sell the ticket.


I gave em to a friend, he about jumped out of his skin when he realized where the seats were.

I would not feel very comfortable going into an indoor arena being hot. I have a conscious.<<<<

Sorry to hear, but glad you're doing okay AND that you're doing the right thing (as hard as it is).

A 4 time loser is the dipstick who goes to 4 shows while being hot positive.

With the Waters show, wow, you just got some unreal bad fucking luck, but you're an honorable man doing the right thing. 

Think of all that chicken soup for the soul heading your way, feel better soon.

Chris has never seen Floyd or Roger before either, the 4 way I gave him with the tickets are going to work out fine, I also gave him a $50 gift card for Versillas.


Tim, love to you. I hope your wife isn't positive again, too. Seems like you've gotten the brunt of it. Sorry.

Kudos on that tough decision, Tim. Hope this is the last time for ya.


jeez, that sucks.hope you're feeling better soon.


From what I've gleaned, Covid is evolving into a virus much like  the common cold, and very much resistant to vaccinations, immunity and treatments. Only with way worse outcomes than the common cold, and  one in 3 experiencing devastating Long Covid complications. I hate this virus. 


 Akiko Iwasaki is conducting ground breaking research at Yale. Check out her studies  if you want to know the latest Covid developments. 


I have faith that these immunologists and researchers will prevail in this war on Covid, hopefully in our lifetimes

nice guys aren't losers,....ever.  4 times is definitely tough and, as stated above, you are an even greater guy for NOT going in hot. That is extremely commendable, especially in the light of waiting and anticipating for 3 years for this event.

>>>I just close my eyes and listen to Animals.

That's what me and jaz (hopefully) will be doing in October in Tulsa with Nick Mason. Maybe we'll see you there.

I have my Tulsa tickets! See my son ball then watch a FANTASTIC Nick Mason show, caught this tour 4 years ago in Miami and it was the cats meow.

We will hook up Joe and find Chris, I have some seriously candy saved just for that show.

I'm looking forward to some great music and the room vibrating. :-)

((( Serious Candy )))

Me want some.

I have tix (for 3 years) for Denver in September. Might not be able to swing it. Last row $40 tix LOL.

Don't despair --- it was inevitable. According to your high school yearbook you were voted "Most Likely To Catch...Something."


i call seriously candy for bandname

or stripper name

in FLA i could get a gig

Tim i am so fucking sorry you keep getting hit with the rona

i also love your attitude for life

we should all know from friends who would rather share tix than be a covidspreadageschmuck

you have always been a mensch

dare i say you remind me a bit of our msgman

MiaRo.jpg A view from my seats

Geez Tim. Get well quick. 

I'll be there in Tulsa.

I've never wanted to go to Tulsa before, but now the prospect sounds intriguing, and not just to pay a visit to the Bob Dylan Center.

Good thing you didn't go Tim. One of Roger's man-boobs could have smacked you in the head and seriously injured you. Looks like he's got a couple D cups there. Hope you feel better soon.

Have a fun time Jaz but maybe sit in the back where it's safe. With a mask and a helmet on.

Omg I thought that was Roger stone

>” they noted of the patient, who previously also had syphilis.


that 4 time loser never learned to use a condom 

Losers aren't users? Huh.

Little River Band (saw em w/ Heart + The Eagles @ Yale Bowl 4th of July 1980, that was a hot as hell of a thing)

Lonesome Loser


Ras, I don't think I would cop to seeing the Little River Band even if they opened for Zepplin 

Only users lose drugs

Fabes don't you know by now I have no shame ?  Awesome vocal harmonies, perfect warmup band.