35 years ago tonight


A Dark Star encore, complete with a shooting star visible in the sky above the stage. It was pretty cool.


I've always thought the show is a bit over-rated, the 2nd set felt rushed to save time for the encore, and IMO it was the least of the three that weekend (IMO the Sunday show was great) but still, it was a fun night and a memorable show to start a great weekend from a long time ago.


 Exactly, a fun night. And I agree about the Sunday show.

Thanks for posting Lance. What a fantastic weekend.  Dark Star was certainly in the air that night.  You're spot on with it feeling rushed but boy was it fun to dance to. And Jerry slowed it down for a beautiful Stella Blue.

Cool man. Drugs and 80s Dead.

Lance, wasn't that night a full moon, Friday the 13th as well as the first night of the Democratic National Convention in SF? Weirdness all around. 

If I recall correctly, there were some purple gels floating around.heard it was Owsley. GF,at that time was freaking wanted to leave 1/2 way through that Friday night...hold your horse shoes I said.... we stayed..I am still Amazed..

Yes on the full moon & Friday the 13th. I have no idea about the political business.

Don't know anything about any purple gels either.

A shot I took from the 1st set that night...


Great pic, Lance!

That Dark Star was played 2 weeks after my first show (and on my birthday).

Somebody calling himself "The Wizard" gave me a purple gel at the last night of Red Rocks in '85.  Don't know if it was Owsley's stash, but I got really beamed and didn't come back down until we had crossed back over the Mississippi River that night on our drive back to Virginia.

"the 2nd set felt rushed to save time for the encore"

I read in one of the more recent books that this was a spontaneous decision based on something to do with some new pictures or recent solar discovery and that Jerry was the one that had to be talked into doing it.

That guitar in the Bob pic was my favorite of his post Ibanez guitars.

Always liked this show.  You guys are lucky to have been there and it's cool to hear the stories.


I remember dancing faster and harder than any other show. Second set cardiospunion. Jerrycize.



I was there !!! 

First photos of Mars if memory serves....

 Check out  J. Dwork's story of that Greek DS show in the Taping Compendium Vol. ll

>>> this was a spontaneous decision<<<

I'm not sure how to quantify spontaneous, but a guy told me THE BIG RUMOR right after I walked in the door before the show, and I moved around a few times that night and everyone was buzzing about it from the start. 

Plus they had a giant screen set up that ran spacey video (like in the top photo) but only during the encore and only for that show, so I think they had it planned at some point before the weekend.

Either way, it was fun.

Saw the previous DS, 12-31-81. Which was also an encore or possibly considered  part of a  4th set?

unsolved mystery

 ateix on Saturday, July 13, 2019 – 09:58 pm

Cool man. Drugs and 80s Dead.

If it wasn't for Drugs and 80's Dead, Latex wouldn't hae even been born.....