13 years ago tonight



Phil & Friends
Tweeter Waterfront
Camden, NJ
(total time: ~3:00)

Set 1 with Osby: Jam> China Cat Sunflower> The Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion, Bird Song, Bartering Lines, $All Along The Watchtower
Set 2 with Trey: Jam> Lady With a Fan> Terrapin Station> Jam> St. Stephen> The Eleven> Rosemary> *#Desire> Rosemary> #Feedback> Fire On The Mountain> I Know You Rider
E: Donor Rap/Intros, Box of Rain
*1st time played - Ryan song, $with Trey Anastasio, #with Greg Osby
Band: Phil Lesh (bass, vocals), John Molo (drums), Rob Barraco (keys), Greg Osby (sax), Joan Osborne (vocals), Barry Sless (pedal steel), Larry Campbell (guitar, fiddle, mando+)
The Duo, then Trey & Mike with the Duo opened


Watching this gives me goosebumps! I wonder if there is any more of this show out there. Trey looks strung out, but man, talk about being able to open a door and channel some beautiful music! Phil's face in the middle of the first clip is just pure bliss!








This was the night I finally "got" Trey.  I'd seen Phish a few times since 1993 and was utterly unimpressed but between what he did with G.R.A.B and then Phil I was sold.  I turned to a friend and said "How have I not seen this all these years?"