//∆\\ Happy Birthday MYLAR !!! //∆\\


Happy Birthday, Bill. You are a true mensch. You are kind, ethical, generous, thoughtful and a loving person.

I hope it feels as good to be you as it feels to know you. You are celebrated year-round. Love.

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Happy Birthday, Mylar.

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Mylar !!!

May all your birthday wishes manifest, Mylar!

Happy birthday Bill!

Happy birthday, Mylar, and many happy returns.

Happy Birthday Bill!  It's always nice to see what you've been up to in Sacto.

Happy B-Day to ya, Bill !!

Rock on !! ... and give my best to the missus

Happy Birthday, Maestro!

Congrats on another successful circuit.

Thanks, Pholks!
Not zoning much these days. I apologize.
Mostly got into house stuff during lock down days and started projects that are taking more time than I figured.
Spending time with grand kids as they grow into double digits and begin to prefer peers to geezers.
Speaking of geezers, my father's about to hit 90, so there's a stretch of time I need to do with him while he's still healthy. Hopefully, a long stretch for both of us.
Then there's music, which I've cut down on quantity to concentrate on quality. Been putting together some tighter shows with some excellent musicians. I'm done with the road, so it's just mainly Nor Cal for now.
Take care everyone and be safe and be kind! smiley

Happy Belated Birthday Mylar!

Good to hear that you're spending your time well.

A Very Happy Birthday to you and thanks for the beautiful Calender!


Happy Birthday, Mylar! 

Sounds like a good life, Bill. Cheers to you!!

Rock on, Mylar. Happy Birthday!

Happy Belated Hot Rats Birthday 


Sick FZ pic.

Love ya Bill, u da best!

hey, u ever cover any oingo boingo?

I think you'd slay it!