*Õ*♦*Õ* Happy Birthday MIKE*E !!! *Õ*♦*Õ*


Happy Birthday, Mike. I hope this next year will be happy, healthy and full. Love.

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Happy Birthday, Mike!!

Happy Birthday!

Happy belated birthday, Mike. 

Hope you had a very hippie birthday, Mike.

Happy Birthday Mike!

Happy birthday, Mike!

Thirteen, Lucky Number!  Have a great day, celebrate wisely!  Have a Happy Healthy New Twist around the Sun!

Glass raised to you, Mike.  Happy Birthday!

It's MIKE-drop day, yay!  

Enjoy your special day and hope you find some live music to enjoy. 


Have a great one!

Happy birthday Mike. !!!

Happy Birthday You Ol Dog. 


Thanks everyone for the well-wishes. 62 trips around the sun. Who woulda thunk it?

And to indulge myself with a bit of cheek here, I have to award the win to Ras, for reasons that should be obvious, from one old dog to another.

Happy Day, Mike, and thanks for the manifold tips!  Just think, it's only been 44 years since LHHS!


Happy Bday!

Cheers brother! 

Happy Birthday Mike! 

HBD Mike Oh Yes smiley YEWWWWWW !

Another Birthday wellwish for our homey, cuz one just ain't enough


Happiest B-Day to you, Mike! smiley

HBD to ya Mikey!


Just wondering... did Mike drop on Mike-Drop Day?

> the manifold tips

Good to see you, Bob. I was just thinking about you the other day. How's your grow season going?

And Ras, you dirty dog you. Linda's looking perky.

GaryFish, I wish. Sadly, no birthday drops for me this year. It was a school night :-(