I never gave these guys their proper due.

I'm definitely gonna take the opportunity to finally see them live next time I get a chance.

glad to see they're still at it after all these years:

Amazing that Angelo is still as freaky as he is.

He's really toned it down since the over million $ lawsuit from kickin some prissy chick in the face while crowd surfing, heard a rumor he has to live with his mama now, but yeah!

He was the only impressive male vocalist at the Bowie Tribute, made me really take a look at fishbone for the first time and I feel like a jackass for not getting into them years ago.  

What's not to love?

20 or so plus years ago, a friend turned me on to the whole Black rock coalition scene. Living Colour, Fishbone and 24-7 Spyz are the bands that stuck with me.

Yeah, that lawsuit was such bullshit. You're down front at a Fishbone show. You willingly put yourself in harms way. Pay attention!

I think they're gonna try and put out a new full length album this year.