Brian Setzer Orchestra

Attending a show this weekend. It has been 18 years since I saw him the last time. Looking forward to hearing him play again. Taking my 7 year old nephew. He loves the stray cats and xmas music, so this should be fun to watch him have fun.

You both ought to have a blast. It's a really fun show! yes

What a fun show. If this comes to your area it is worth the time and money. My nephew lasted until 10 pm and crashed out. The set ended at 10:45-ish. A fun mix of holiday classics, Stray Cats, BSO and a few other fun covers including Let There Be Rock, AC/DC. 


Saw the Xmas show on TV; quality entertainment

missed an opportunity for free Xmas show tix from sirius /:

my sis has seen them all over the world!

saw them once, well...the stray cats @ us fest 83.


Does he tour any other time of year?


You never hear about him until after Thanksgiving.

What a gig Setzer has. Plays a few shows a years during during X-Mas and tans & tattoos himself the rest of the year.

Jill. That was great time.

>>You never hear about him until after Thanksgiving.

Tickets are now on sale for The Brian Setzer orchestra 14th Annual Christmas Rocks! Tour at Westbury Theater 11/22

& Others

I saw Lee Rocker (from the Stray Cats) this past Friday Night at the Patchogue on Long Island & the show was excellent.

It's the Stay Cats show without the Tattoos.

Buzz Campbell is in the Brain Stezer spot and knows all the classic riffs from the Rock-A-Billy playbook.

If you love the Stray Cats you will thoroughly enjoy a Lee Rocker show, in the right setting.

Lee Rocker plays Upright bass, like no other!

Now, bring on the Brian Setzer orchestra.

Lee Rocker Patchogue Theater 10142017 529 resize_0.jpg


Sorry the venue was the Patchogue Theatre.