What do you think?

Viva la Zone can't be found by Googling. We decided to make it that way to protect Viva's general privacy. That's a good idea but it means that potential new zoners don't know we're here.

I started wondering about making this folder "Googleable"  in order for people with Hep C who are looking for info or support to find us. With Harvoni there's more info out there (TV advertising, etc.) and probably less need. I know there's no visible connection to Phil like we used to have, which was the reason I took a chance and found the Hep C Folder on the Philzone, but would we like to be more accessible? Not the whole of Viva, just this folder.

What do you think?

Not sure why you set Viva to nongoogleable, but if you open one thread you open the whole thing. 

I am mixed.  I too googled Phil Lesh and HepC and found the zone.  But now I wonder how many would come here.  Or even how many would be searching.  So, sorry, can't answer your question, but I thought I would chime in anyway. But then again, you did ask what we thought.

Thanks for replying/"chiming in", Mark. I did ask and hope to hear from others. Are there others even checking this folder?

I have the feeling it won't be a flood of people, so if they find Hep C it's okay if they find their way to OS and everything else. It's a way of helping folks with Hep C if we can.

Wouldn't hurt to keep it "in the tradition".


Do you guys have the choice of Googling to Viva from with in the USA -UK only? If so, you will be totally fine for your entire site that way.

I would suggest to promote all the folders folks visit here already too.

It's 1/2 through 2018 most of jerks on the internet went away or are polite now.


Well, when I can't avoid doing that, it generally has something to do with gurls... Or death... Or both...

natch in the grave....jpg

After giving it some far less than sober thought, I found the old stompin' grounds by googling Hep C, saw Phil's name, and said "no shit! Check that out".

Then I ruined all your lives by joinin' up... And now you're stuck with ME.

On the other hand, mebbe we should keep the door locked. See what comes in if you don't?


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Who are you?

I googled Phil Lesh and HepC .


I feel it would be nice for others who are battling the hep-c to be able to find our site as on the old site, we met some interesting people, and perhaps be able to find old zoners who have been lost in the world ! We no longer have the Phil zone anymore, and I believe we wouldn't; so lets try to find our old family and make it happen again !! I personally enjoyed getting on the old zone and willing to give support to new comers, or just get on to through in my two cents worth !!