Treatment time

Here we go.

New PCP said I need to do the treatment and all over issue take a backseat  (my numbers were way high) I WILL BE CLEARED when I see him next he said. He repeated that several times. Hmmm ok.

So he ships me off to a clinic just for HCV to a doc who's name I could never pronounce or spell and added the doc doesn't matter just get going on it. 

This clinic is just for HCV. Turns out I don't see the doc I though but the head of the program, which is targeted to wipe out HCV in the county.. interesting.

Same pitch.. you will be cleared.. the only person not cleared on the program never came back she said. 

I did not recognize either of the drugs named but I'm not really up on the latest. I did note that one of the drugs was by the company producing Harvoni. 

I took 10 years of from all doctors so it will be interesting to see where I'm at condition-wise. Last biopsy was at least 12 years ago and I was stage three and I can't image the disease has not progress. No mention of cost either. 12 weeks and less than 3% need a second round to clear. 

This is a unique program developed by the director and she is on a mission it was clear. Appears insurance companies and drug companies partner on this and it's a model being taken up in other places. probably has something to do with long term savings with less transplants. Insurance decides which drug. I'm on Medicare with a supplemental drug plan? She said it won't be long till the only cases are hard drug users. After I told her the stage 3 situation she said "we might be friends for life"..

I'll keep updating here.. ultrasound Monday.

Embarking on the adventure... I'll be thinking of you with hope. Looking forward to your updates, thanks for thinking to post here. And good luck.

Hey now Astro! Good to hear from you. Glad you are going to do treatment, whichever it is. Keep us updated.   You ever make it down to Cali anymore? I  am in Kelseyville now. 

Thanks Judit!

Mark.. have no been to California since I moved a former girlfriend to Moraga, jeez might be decade. Would like take a road trip in the TT that way. Hoping to semi or flat out retire (be 66) in 2020. That will free me up. I'll check a map to see just where you are. Kelseyville would be on the way. We can go fishing!

Such a trip would entail a swing through Eugene I suspect ;)

I had an abdomen ultrasound last Thursday. Doctor's assistant called to tell me today "no surprises". I take that as no tumors. I do suspect some degree of fatty liver and possible sorosis, which wouldn't be a surprise at this point. At about 45 years with the bug I'm feeling very lucky. I go in the second week of Jan and will start treatment then she said. Probably have a lot to share after the next visit.


((( no surprises )))

It didn't take three days till the meds my doctor suggested were reject by my Medicaid supplemental insurance for meds. I can contest and should have a written explanation within a week.  

Not freaking out at all, not surprised given my overall experience with insurance. Eample #1 - I had some major labs done 12/18 and insurance declined paying for them. It was about $2,300. I knew something was wrong on this. 11 months later they "discovered" one digit was off on my birthday on the form.  They just don't want to pay is my feeling and surely some just pay the bill?

Sorry to hear that.  Vote for Bernie. Keep us up on the negotiations.

Insurance company messaged me saying I was accepted for Harvoni.

Well, that fell into place in a timely manner. Good.

Right on.

Got a call Monday or Tuesday from the docs "Minster of Finance" I guess you could say. 

She, like the rest said I will be cured out of the gate etc. Then she says the co-pay is $3,400. I didn't respond really as it is what it is I figure. Then she says.. "But we have a grant you might qualify for, what is your income"? I give her my SS plus job number and I'm just a tad on the wrong side but included the job will likely be lower for 2019 but I know don't yet as it's a commissions based number. It wouldn't take much lower to change the outcome. Then I suggested I check as we are so close to years end as I not keen on cheating. She says naa I want to wrap this up today so she goes with the lower number and I'm in for free. Hows that for a Christmas gift I think.

Left me thinking they have money to burn up by years end with the grant? Had I not starting drawing $2,400 a month on my late formers wife's SS I'd be below the threshold no problem. I got the impression they aren't all that concerned and let the killing begin.

Long Strange Trip continues..

Doc also ask if I knew anyone else with the bug so they are looking for people to cure. 

The drug my insurance rejected originally was EPCLUSA for the record.

That "foundation"  covered my Harvoni copay also.


Mark - How were the sides? Curious as I will working and traveling during this time.

Very mild.  Mostly just a little fatigue.  Hard to differentiate from the effects of the virus itself.   You can do it no problem.  Kick-ass!

Took the first Harvoni pill of the twelve week run today. 

A bit later it was nap time.

Dreamed I was being attacked by wolves (weird no doubt) but I slayed em all by stabbing with a blunt piece of rebar.

I always felt wolves were cool :/  Maybe I better see a psychologist too?

Hey, hey Astro, Mark and Judit!


Dropping in occasionally, but the site ALWAYS gives me a hard time logging in. I just went through about 10 math questions that took every bit of my last few brain cells...


That said, life is great these days and it's nice to see you old-schoolers around!


Astro- I breezed through 12 weeks of Harvoni and got "cured" a couple years ago- wishing you the same, bro-ham! It seems to be the "silver bullet" we all hoped for back in the "Interferon Dark Days", if you will. Haven't heard of a failure yet...

Pelle is on the right side of Harvoni, too. He was unsure/worried about doing it but according to his doc he’s cured! 

Hey Earl! Good to see you here.  How's life treating you?

Life is good and very smooth these days, Mark- thanks for asking.


Still working, but collecting full SS (66 effen years old now). Got a ways to go to pay off my house after a 2013 divorce, but zero grounds for any complaints. Seeing Bobby here in my backyard on 3/1, then DSO at the same venue 4/2. Off to beach yoga... God bless ALL who post here!


Go Astro!!!

Well hello Earl. It's been a long time.. Glad things are smooth and beachy keen on your end.

My liver is beat up but I'm welding the sword for better or worse! 

We're looking forward to you joining us in the "Harvoni Survivors Club"  a few  short months down the road, Astro. I certainly have a fresh appreciation for feeling pretty healthy these days at my insanely old age. ;-) 


Here's hoping the daily pill-poppin'  is as easy for you as it was for me. 

1st check up - I went from 11.1 million virus in a drop to 90 in 25 days. Going the right direction.

Great news, Astro!


So, with about 8 weeks to go, yer' gonna' "deep six" those mofo's once and FOR ALL! 

Right on Astro!


Excellent, Astro!

Thanks :)

Well it turn out the doc was not happy about that 90 virus count after 25 days so she has ordered I go an addition 30 days (120 total). She also contacted my insurance and they will cover it. I'm a bit surprised the difference between her goal of 50 to 90 was enough to trigger a move when I had 11.1 million out of the gate. Doc said at 90 she was inclined to think my liver was still harboring lots of bugs as the only come out into the blood stream when they can't find a host cell in the liver. 

I did my second blood draw last Wed and that came back at zero. Drugs got me into the mess and it looks like they'll get me out!

((( )))

Right on Astro. Sounds like you are on the right track.  Keep on keep'n on.

One of the many sides I endured via interferon/ribaviron, oh so many yrs ago, was the feeling that something was crawling on my skin.  I still suffer this.  And with the deer ticks around here, I cannot ignore it.  Sucks.


Happy to hear about your excellent progress, Astro- git 'r done, buddy!


(Here's hoping that BS side fades away, Mark.) 

Thanks for the support fellow Zoners!

Mark that's a bummer when you have the deer ticks in the hood. We have have different types up here. I once had 75 on me at once. None bit me though. Being a brush wackin fisherman I have had them on me many times. I have friend who REALLY got screwed up from a bite.

All doc appts have been canceled so I picked up my 4th and final bottle of Harvoni yesterday at the drive-thru. Consequently no blood draw and it might well be July till we do that again. Definitely feeling better and my skin cleared up, which prompted my doc to think it's gone but I'm happy to take another bottle since insurance was wiling to pay for it and I have no sides.


Right on Astro. Your next blood test, whenever it is, will show no bugs.  Time for the next phaze in your life.


Astro, I love to read how well you’re feeling about your progress. Seems like you’re OK without another blood test for now and that is swell, given what’s going on in the world.

 I love that you sounds so positive.

Fuck Hep C!

It could be some time till I walk in any medical facility short of an emergency. Doc said early July would be ideal to stay on THE schedule. I'll certainly do it at some point to be sure, and for the sake of the program as successes drive continuation. I think a final conformation would be  what's needed for peace of mind. Meanwhile I might make a tombstone for the dragon.

Next phase will be heading down to the Senior Center and look for a dancing partner :D

Sure appreciate the Zoner support! 

Got my final prc results... negative.

AFP tumor marker 3.2 - Ast 21 - Alt 32 


Today I had the new Fibrasure Scan. This replaces biopsies. My take was it is an advance sensitivity ultrasound. All the lab techs were in on it getting the procedure dialed. I have an appt for a review of it Thursday. Between the bloodwork and scan they'll determine whether I need further monitoring. All other labs results were normal. 

You can call me lucky!



We can also call it another success story for the Harvoni folks, too,I suppose.


Really glad you were on the receiving end, Lucky.  wink

Good Job Lucky!  Welcome to the other side.

Tell us more about that scan after you get it done please.

Happy, go Lucky!

Hey lucky!