Speaking from the Liver

I feel taken by the nose. Isn't it time for me to get dead soon ? The doctor back in 1994 was so hot on the porridge, painting the devil on the walls sending me off with nothing but rubber boots and a big time quack suggestion about a poison socalled cure that nearly put an end to several of my friends. I'm not the one to get high on the pear, I just wanna speak from the liver.

( Please excuse my direct translation [giving Google translate a hard time]  of a fair amount of Norwegian idioms above. Just wanna bring some amusement over to my US friends.)

Yes, exactly, Pelle - when I use Google translate to try to figure out what you've posted on Facebook, that's about what I get. I have to think that you don't always mean what Google says you're saying.

Google's lines can't sing worth a damn.. They don't know what they're talking about. And neither do I, coming from the other side of the drink.Thanks for your time, Judit.


Yeah. I find you use a lot of Norwegian words that have no translations.  Kinda hard to follow. 

But always great to see you post here kind sir. Keep it up.