Old Zoner Russ waiting for liver transplant

Some of you might remember Russ Lehmkuhl who was a PZoner. He lives in Southern California, was suddenly widowed some years back, and in addition to needing a liver, his dog died recently. Not an easy time. It's his birthday today. While reading his Facebook page I saw that he's been going through testing and is waiting for a liver. He's always been a nice guy.

This is from the gofundme that has been set up:

We all love Russ... he is in need.... he just was in the hospital battling high ammonia which affects the entire body, and is still at Mission hospital. The hospital no longer has room for him so he needs funds for assisted living until he can get on the waiting list for a new liver. Russ has been an amazing friend, an amazing father, and now he needs our help. He has been in and out of the hospital over 10 times in the last year in a half... we are working with the VA to put him on a transplant list... until then he needs to be placed in assisted living. Please help us raise funds to support Russ on his journey for life.  He has a hunger for life and is not ready to quit!!!

Help spread the word!



I tried to donate and it says: There's an issue with this Campaign Organizer's account. Our team has contacted them with the solution! Please ask them to sign in to GoFundMe and check their account.

Maybe the best we can do is send vibes... hoping for the best.

Thanks for the headsup, Judit. I did not know he had this problem.  Russ is a very good guy. Hope they fix his fund page soon. And he gets his liver in time.

Hey now VLZ! Russ' Go Fund Me Campaign needs some donations! It's working & waiting, jump on board & help Russ! Peace Zonahs! 

Russ's new liver is doing very well. He's had continuing kidney problems, though. He's made it home to the VA Hospital in/near San Diego for more rehab and his sister has gone back to where she lives. He's getting there, and looks good in Facebook pics.


Great news Judit! Hope his kidneys straighten up soon.

All the best, Russ !

Just got a call from Russ and he sounds great!   I think he may show up here at the Zone soon.

I'm loving that he's posting on Facebook. He asked me about the PZ and I told him about Viva. I'd love to see him here! Sweet funny guy.