New thoughts about 'Boomers' Hep C spread

A new study challenges the prevailing wisdom that high rates of hepatitis C virus (HCV) among members of the baby boom generation are a result of their youthful experimentation with drugs, unsafe tattooing and risky sex, aidsmap reports. Publishing their findings in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, researchers analyzed 45,316 sequences of genotype 1a of hep C, which is the dominant strain in North America.

Interesting.  Still think it had to be spread by intravenous drug use also.

It sure seems that way, Mark.

I'll take "Risky Behaviors" for $2,000., Alex. 



Earl takes the safe bet...

I have yet to meet a single person who has/had it that didn't admit to IV drug use. This includes people I met decades after my wild days who I would never had suspected of such nefarious behavior.

Having said that there surely is a significant group that procured HCV via "bad luck". 


Bad luck like transfusions.


Greg said he only used a needle one time. I'm not saying he got it through transfusion because he never had a transfusion. He thought it was that one time of using a needle.

I believed him that it was only one time because of what he said and the way he said it. And he didn't lie to me. So... one time is really really bad luck.

Transfusions aside, sharing needles was primary, imho. Snorting and sharing straws, rolled-up bills etc. at 2 in the morning in a parking lot didn't help, either. (Bars were open in NY State 'til 4 AM back then - may still be).


Yep, I helped re-write the book on "impaired judgement". 

Dental equipment is in the mix. 

Blood transfusions to compensate loss during childbirth was seen too as I recall. 

If you think about it spreading in the Vietnam era amongst soldiers and then it not being recognized till about 1992 there opportunity for spread via blood transfusions too. 


I'm with Earl, sharing needles is the biggie. That fact rattles me because I saw a lot of people try it that were far from serious drug users. Sharing was very common. I'd go as far as to say there were points where it was "try it, you'll like it!" being offered up cause it was a heck of a buzz etc.

If we made a movie of all the shit we did it would blow peoples minds bigly I'm sure. 



And never forget nail clippers, toothbrushes, those kinds of things. Anything where blood could be shared.

I agree that the drug use had a great influence to getting hep-c, I know that it was the case with me, with the snortin' and and shooting , but after 14 years with the hep-c; I did the treatment through the Veterans and have been free since 2008 I believe !!! Its hard to believe that there are still out there still battling this disease, and with this co-12 virus also around it makes it harder !! 

I got it from the mainline.

It was kind of like one-stop shopping, jazfish


Ya'll  right.  Never know. Without trying to sound selfish or guilt or some indescribable emotions,  we are still here , though. Incredible!