Its nice to be back among zoners again !!!

It is so nice to be back among real family who many helped me on the

old zone through 14 years battling the hep-c ! In 2016 the veterans

Administration provided hep-c treatment of Sofosbuvir 400 MG and

Ribavirin 200 MG for 12 weeks ! The treatment was hard on me, and

the Ribavirin had to be reduced because it was causing white cell destruction ! After 12 weeks of treatment I was cured !!!! I wish Mack

and Budley was still alive to thank them and others who were there for me, when I had lost hope! I place to spend time here for others who needs support and with questions, its time to return the same support and care to newbies as I recieved !!

         Have A Grateful Day !!! Hippyburntbruce


Great news that you are cured! Do you feel different from before?

Absolutely wonderful news Bruce!   So glad to hear from you.  I have been wondering about you.  Glad you found your way here.