Hep C Free!

I finished the Mavyret treatment 3 months ago on Friday the 13th. Last week was my 3 month mark, also a Friday the 13th, so, I got my bloodwork done and yesterday the results came in....no more Hep C! And the only sides were I got pretty tired the last couple of weeks near end and a month or so after. The meds have definitely gotten better! 

ROCK ON Llary! Could not have happened to a nicer guy. 


Best news around here in quite a while- many more happy, healthy years, old friend!

Great to have confirmation of such a momentous outcome; I'm so glad for you. Live on in health!


Bout fuck'n time!!!!!

Congrats Brother.

Excellent News Llary!

May you be Blessed with many more 

Years of Good Heath.


Great to hear that you are finally cure of the hep-c Llary, it was about time for more of us to finally bet

this disease ! I hope that you can get back to a normal life again !!



I'm honoured to have joined you sir...

It's an old tradition, and I'm pleased to add to the Squad...







Shocked silence ensues... I hope this has not offended anybody.

If it has:

.suck it up, buttercup statue.jpg

As I always would say many years ago,new improved meds are on the horizon and they are now here. Thank goodness!

LLary is da man!

Way to go dude! five years late 

I'm embarrassed.  Haha the undie dance.

Undetect was such a great feeling.