Heard from David Maxwell tonight

And he is not doing so well. Complications from the hepC have him on the transplant list.  Battling neuropathy on his lower half. Having trouble even walking.  Their family insurance recently changed, so he is not sure what they will cover. Best case he gets on the harvoni or one of the newer ones and it all reverses eventually. 

Let's keep him in our thoughts and hope it all goes well.


Thanks for letting us know, Mark. Damn.

Hoping for the best possible outcome - good health with an easy time of it.

sorry to hear about Dave, I miss the old days on the Philzone and all of our adventures we explored and the great times we had ! But it hurts to hear that he's going through hard times now and the wish him and others only the best and sending good vibs to you all who are still battling this disease and I hope that all are able to get treatment and win! I am sadden to hear of those who have died related to this disease- Mack, Budley and now Walt !! I think each day of all of our old Pfamily and wish we could all get back together again to celebrate our times and mourn our loses ! Since doing treatment in 2016, I am still free from this disease !! Everyone have a Grateful Day and  peace to you all !!

Good to hear from you Bruce. Hope all is well.

Just talked with David again and he just started Harvoni.  Heading out for a fest this weekend.