Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, my first people of the Zone. Without the Philzone Hep C folder I would have felt so alone when Greg was first diagnosed. I needed your information and support.

Thank you.


I remember when you first appeared here, Judit. I was treating then, and was glued to this place every night.


Now you own it!


Its a crazy life, but HARVONI is one thing I'm quite thankful for today...

Treatments like Harvoni were only a dream then...  CURED! So happy for all of you who've done it.

Been a good 13-1/2 yrs.   Met most of my friends today thru the Zone. Started at HepC. And continued when I finally found the courage to try the forboding  "Other Stuff".  Life is good.  I may not be alive if not for the Zone.   Much appreciation and respect to you Judit for keeping it going.