Damn Harvoni!

 OK, so for the last 10 or 15 yrs, I have been spending what little money I had in my IRA and all, because I wasn't going to be around by now. Don't get me wrong, I had a blast. Went to Hawaii 7 yrs in a row and went to every concert I wanted to. Spent money like it was going out of style as they say.  Was not concerned about the future. It was all good.


Then this Harvoni comes along and fucks up all my plans.  I realize that now I need to buy a house and go all in on that. But I had already spent almost all of my money. And had bumped up my credit card balances.

Now I can't even afford to fix my house, let alone go to Hawaii. And I have to budget food from every payday before paying most of it to credit cards(what is leftover after monthly bills etc).   And that money for food just never stretches. I am always broke. I don't care for this turn of events.

Damn Harvoni!!!!!

By the way, that post is mostly tongue in cheek.  Just thought the folder needed a post. It was true, but tongue in cheek.

Yeah, Mark- we who have battled through the old regime- (twice for me) can do a little gripin', thats for sure, but look at all the cool stuff you squeezed in- just in case! Fer' sher'  these Harvoni people do have it WAYYYY too easy. wink


Happy and grateful to still be here myself 14 years after arriving at the old "Zone", coming in like a real jackass, but still finding a lot of kinship then, and have met many "Zoners" over the years who are all  just downright cool.


Seriously, if there's any lurkers around this once "bustling" place- Harvoni- if yer' insurance picks that stuff up... consider it a life-changer.



Don't know how I missed your post, Mark. Damn Harvoni!

Hey, Walt told me you guys had a nice talk - I'm glad, he was glad, you probably were glad. I went up to see him last Friday for a short visit. It was good.


Mark, it's the same thing over here. No sooner had I come to rest that my Hep C was incurable 24 years ago, today I'm facing the fact that I can get the new treatment for free. I'm turning 70 next September and now they're telling me they've got the cure. No way I'm gonna let those quacks into the game now. Live my life like I've always done. I said that from day one at old Philzone and I haven't changed my mind.All the best as usual from the other side of the drink.

Welp, keep on truckin, y'all. 


Rather ironic ,eh, Mark.

Well, I refused the old Ribarvarin cocktail and my insurance wouldn't cover me for Harvoni, but this year they DID cover me for Mavyret, which was only an 8 week regimen. It had no sides outside of getting really tired the last couple of weeks and has similar results as Harvoni. So, on July 13th, it will be 3 months and I will go do blood work to see if I am clear. I feel like I am. Sorry I haven't been posting on here! In my old age I often forgot that it was here. Anyway, good to see some old faces on here. I will try to pop in now and again!

Glad to hear/see the recovery in here. Harvoni killed the dragon for me about three years ago. Earlier this year I went through some other medical stuff, but I'm still here. Peace.

Had a bunch of bloodwork done a few days ago. I included a hepc test. I have not had the energy I should and am trying to figure out why.

But I am still clear of that dragon, so all is not lost.  I just gotta keep digging. Hope all are doing well.


Mark, great news that your HepC has not returned - there must be small doubts/questions in many people's minds - hard to trust that a treatment that's so "easy" is really a CURE! I get it.

I hope that you can find the source of your energy loss and that it is something easy to deal with. Best wishes. love.