Big love and VIBES for Walt(Aerohead)

Walt is dealing with the big stuff. He was diagnosed with lung cancer over a year ago and has treated with chemo, steroids and radiation. He was told he was clear, but that only lasted about 3 weeks. Not only was the cancer back in his lymph nodes but it has metastasized to his brain. He had radiation and has been getting infusions of Opdivo in hopes of extending his life, but the immediate thing is a tumor in his brain. There were a couple of others that are no longer there, but the one that's there is growing and Walt and Kimberly have decided that he'll have a craniotomy to remove the tumor, with possible gamma-knife work after that if needed. One of the things that's so hard right now is that Walt's memory and ability to speak his thoughts are affected. It's sucking big time.

The surgery is this week on Wednesday. They can use all the love and vibes and psychic hand holding we can give. 

We love you, Walt.



I just heard from Kimberly, he's been in surgery since 1015 PDT - no updates yet.

He's out of surgery, doing well. Kimberly saw him with her own eyes as he passed by going to the ICU. (Probably a regular room tomorrow.)

She says he is alert, talking, looking pretty damn good!

Kimberly sent me a picture of smiling happy looking Walt. Those of you who've met him know that smile. heart

Thanks for the updates, Judit.

Is a great pic. I got it too.

Walt got out of the hospital yesterday. He called when he got sprung and sounded good and strong and clear and bright! They are at home. Yay!

Great news, judit...

It's great to be home!  Thanks for all the love, healing juju and good vibes.  They were definitely felt and received, Walt is one tough hombre. He kicked ass and took names.  I would say his speech is 90% back to normal, which blows my mind.  I imagine once the swelling is gone and he is off of the anti-seizure meds, he will be his old self.  Walking has also improved a great deal.  Follow-up is in 2 weeks, he will get the staples out of his head, 30 in all.  So, he will be irritated with me for the next week as I follow him around.  I was instructed not to leave him alone, wish me luck! 


Kimberly....and Walt too!

Thanks for the update Kimberly!  Walt is a strong SOB!  Recover quickly my brother.

I talked with Walt this afternoon. He's doing really well!!! He's so much clearer and brighter sounding; it's a big change from before having the tumor removed. He's easily fatigued, resting a lot as needed, having some P.T., and making his comeback. He's not driving much nor walking the dog often (75 pounds of muscle) - there's time for those to come later. He sounds energetic and then less so, and then he goes to lie down. He and Kimberly and taking good care of him. Much love.

*strength*.  *smiles*. *love*. all the best Walt and Kimberly