Applied for Harvoni

Finally decided to jump through that maze of hoops- three specialist $70. co-pays, a CT scan, 2 bloodworks that cost me a ton, and now I'm waiting. "They" say the sides are mild, but would love to hear some old pals weigh in based on the assumption I'll be approved.

BTW- still feel fine and have no symptoms- critter count was one million.

$1,000. a pill. Please.

It seems like Betsy is the only person who reported having a rough time - but I hope they come by to share their experiences with you. Did you read the thread with the link to problems that might be related to the tx?

Good luck!

I believe Betsy did Riba and one of the new drugs. Her sides were most likely from the riba. I always said it was worse than interferon.

If you do Harvoni, the sides are negligible..

Yes, I did Savaldi and Riba. Wish they could treat me with Harvoni. Yes, all of the sides I had were the result of the Riba (IMO).

All the best Earl, in 12 short weeks you'll never have to think about Hep C again!

Enjoy Your Day!

I haven't' logged in here for a long time. How are you ,Earl.

Hey, Jaz and kidz!

5 weeks and 3 days  into Harvoni, and as  has been said- basically a breeze.

Sure hope this shit works, and thank you Aetna... $32K!!!???!!!

Very cool, Earl.

Right on Earl.  Kick ass!


So you are  cured, Earl? 


If yes, DIG IT!!!!!!

Thanks for asking, Jaz.


Just had a  7 week bloodwork that was UNDETECTABLE.


Soooo- 4 weeks  and a few days to finish  the regime and  "I'm ready tp put Hep-C behind me".  wink

Progress!!! Liver health!




Right on Earl!


Great news!!!

Congratulations Earl!!!

Congrats by now, Earl. Happy for ya, Pal.

Hey, hey!

5 pills left in that bottle right now, one of which goes down later today...

Much love and thanks to ALL here at Viva, and old-school Zoners back to late '04 when I joined the asylum.

WALSTIB.  wink

PS Harvoni is a breeze.

I'll let you know for positive after a couple blood tests if it worked, but even for 1a genotypes, the results are very high.

Thanks for the update. Hope somebody reads this that is contemplating about about the newer easier treatments.

Hey, hey old pals everywhere!

Dropped in to report that I got the big UNDETECTED last week on my 5 month bloodwork! Harvoni IS the ticket-  and a breeze compared to the bad old days. AST and ALT right on the money.  So I wish everyone all the best who's able to get on that stuff.

Hallelujah- THAT was a long, strange trip!  wink

Glad you made it, Earl! Congratulations. Onwards to life with a healthy liver.

Congrats' Earl...Great news,may you 

be blessed with many years of Good

Health on the road of life!

Excellent!!! Great news!!! And another dragon bites the dust.


Enjoy Your Day!

That is great Earl! Congrats! One more dragon down.

Cute, Betsy.