Thinking of Bruce Eddieboy Weber


I realized we didn't have a forum for folks in recovery, and remember Bruce's posting on the PhilZone.

Is there a better name for this folder?

Nope, thats just perfect, J


My name is Gunnar

I am an alcoholic.


Grateful to be sober today.

My sober date is 8/2/01

Congrats Gunnar on your 16 year anniversary of sobriety. That is something to definitely be proud of!  

Thank you Judit for this folder. I mostly just lurk on the zone, but when it comes to addiction, I am a full participant. Gotta make it somehow.

22 months right now for me, worked the warf rat table at DSO a couple days ago!

Congrats Pumpkin! Thats alot of 24 s....and every one is a miracle....keep up the good work...


I celebrated a decade off dope this year, and havent had a drink in well over 15 years (kinda forgot that date during my drug use, lol)...


Life isnt easy, and it sure as hell aint all unicorns and rainbows today, but, its sooooooo much better than the alternative.


Love to all my fellow rats everywhere...

That is so good JB & Pfishie. Keep it up!

This is somewhat related

I was making coffee at St. John's Friday, in Bohemia and was coaxed by this sweet chick to go into her NA meeting, that she had just made coffee and brought cookies and cake to.

I told her that in 2001 after a lot of 9/11 shit I found refuge at  that particular churches NA & AA meetings.

{ I hate booze, needles & pills, am a coffee addict, that's my vice. I did not say that. She was so nice & made a new friend}

I have no TV, and went into that NA meeting, listened, and felt great afterwards. Got my new to NA index card  & contact names

Sunday night the same thing happened at AA meeting there. Kept my mind off missing an entire football season...

On my way there in 2 hours actually..