NYT Garlic scape pesto. I made this yesterday - it's interesting. Worth trying if you have some garlic scapes.

Some changes I would make are I think I'd blanch the garlic scapes before starting, they're very sharply flavored and a bit woody. It worked out, but if I make this again I would do that. Also, I didn't have pine nuts so I lightly toasted some raw, unsalted pepitas (hulled pumpkin seeds) and used them instead. The creaminess of the pine nuts is missing but the flavor is good. I don't use lemon juice or an acid in my usual pesto but it added a nice brightness. I always use a tiny bit of freshly grated nutmeg in my pesto but I just went by the recipe to see what it would be like. At this point I may add the nutmeg and a little more cheese to the pesto for a little depth of flavor and to mitigate some of the garlic intensity. It is very intense.


Garlic scape pesto.png

Do you have a favorite pesto recipe?

Basil 2 bouquets5 nice big Garlic cloves4 heaping tablespoons freshley Grated grana padano parmesan2 heaping tablespoons pine nuts, salt, pepper 1/ 2cup Awesome extra virgin olive oil mix all with a hand held mixer or blender then add progressively another 1 cup of olive oil while the mixer/blender is turning 

As we say in France bon appétit