"Spiritual" experiences at a show

Anyone feel like sharin' any concert experiences they'd consider transcendent?

There was that Crystal @ the Hampton Warlocks shoe . . .

What did u experience?

A really Great Shoe.  I was in the tapers section right behind the board.  We danced extra hard to make the amateur tapers next to us who set up rickety micstands w/heavy Sennheiser mic's on them rock back & forth & knock into each other.  It was barrels of fun . . .

Sounds like fun but what about this experience made it particularly spiritual for u?

The Dark Star, drums/space in quad (being in the taper's section was centered exactly between the quad speakers), space -> Death Don't, Attics.  Pretty much the best shoe I ever saw (excepting my 1st 2 in '74 & '76, at which time I was too young to really appreciate what I was seeing).

....geez.....where to start....

Go deep, fark!

Yeah, this one demands a real keyboard.