Paranormal experiences

Anybody got any ghost stories? 



let it out here

My parent's house is struck by lightning all the time, I was present for a few of them, the lightning traveled thru the house, very un-explainable.  House was built in 1840, so the Spirits could be very Old School . . .

Freaky, never heard of a lightning house before.

Where is this house located?

do any neighbors share this issue?

I witnessed one Lightning Strike at my folks' house about age 13. Typical East Coast Summer storm; the lightning flew out of the built-in Oven/Broiler and zapped a metal knob on a kitchen cabinet 8-10 feet away.

Grandma, cooking a Roast, nearly had a coronary. Not literally, but she was all in a tizzy.

But nothing paranormal, just some funny electrical grounding in an old house.

The most bizarre thing about a lightning strike:  It's been documented scientifically that the atmosphere actually opens up an electrical "conduit" for the strike just before the actual strike, so after you've experienced a few (as I have @ my parent's house), you actually know it's coming, as you can feel the static charge;  your hair stands up, sparks start to jump across small gaps between metal objects, people, animals, etc., and there's a precursor to that "fresh" smell that is more prevalent after the strike, from the ozone generated by the strike.  This is all within a few seconds or maybe a fraction of a second.  Time almost stands still.

That's some pretty gnarly shit, Bob