I'm starting to feel that meditation is more and more important as one ages.

There are so many intriguing forms of it out there: guided, silent, chanting, etc.

i'd love to hear about zoner's preferences and experiences with what I'm starting to feel is an essential practice

Greg did qi gong as a physical meditative practice and I sometimes joined him. He studied it for years, and after trying many forms he seemed to settle on Spring Forest. He did it for both mental and physical reasons and always felt better after a session of doing the routines.

Qi gong is one of my favorite forms of meditation.

i had some great guided instructions from an eastern philosophy enrichment course I took but lost them years ago sad

what is spring forest?

>>> what is spring forest? <<<

Even though I am looking at a booklet about it, I can't encapsulate it, so I'm going to just say what comes to mind from doing it and watching Greg. I didn't participate often, but when I did I felt both a palpable calming and a palpable energizing. It's healing movement and meditation. It's a physical/medical healing and a psychic healing. To do or watch there is a flow. It's a physical flow and an energy flow.

This is one of the things I just read in the booklet:

Password for all Exercises

I am in the Universe.
The Universe is in my body.
The Universe and I combine together.

Greg went to a Qi gong conference in maybe 1999 and attended sessions with many Masters. Chunyi Lin was the one who presented Spring Forest and it became the one Greg did most often. I found the site for his work:

Greg achieved ease in his body and mind during the practice. He was in pain most of the time and doing Qi gong released him - especially Spring Forest. There was a set of cassette and VHS tapes that went with the booklet I kept after Greg died but I can only find the booklet. It has the movement routines in it. Perhaps I'll do them again. It was really his thing, but I enjoyed the times I joined him.

I'm crying as I write. That's enough for now.

Thanks for sharing, Judit.

i'm sorry if recalling any of this is painful for u.

i'll definitely look into spring forest.

greg sounds like he was cool as hell.

i bet that qi gong conference was amazing!

This is good stuff for me to be thinking about, E, and anything can turn out to be painful or sad. That's okay, it's just the way it goes.

Greg had an interesting (and somewhat disconcerting) experience at the qi gong conference. The night of the second day he found himself vibrating (from so much qi flowing or being "released"?) and developed a fever. He felt sick, but not really sick, more overwhelmed. He came home a little early on the third day and it took a couple of days to come down. He was sensitive to things like that.

That conference was also where he got into lucid dreaming and some rhythmic musical things that I don't remember. It was a powerful weekend.

And yes, Greg was cool as hell. I will post in the spirit animal thread when I have time and collected thoughts.

Wow, qi overload?

i totally believe it. 

First time I attended a Buddhist chanting/discussion meeting my whole body was literally humming like a tuning fork afterwards.

it was bizarre.

i had never done any serious form of chanting meditation before and it was a pretty intense experience; 30 minutes felt like an eternity and was practically like a full body detox.

these days 30 minutes just makes me feel calm, content and slightly energized.

it's amazing how the body adapts to physical changes.

when I decided to officially become a member of the Shasta county nichiren Buddhist chapter they present U with your own calligraphy mandala to chant with and in the couple of weeks following receiving mine I had all kinds of gnarly physical and situational events occur simultaneously.

i likened it to receiving a karmic enema.

not only were the more experienced practitioners in my district not surprised by this, they all said it was to b expected.

these ancient Asian rituals can heal and they can fuck u up!

Check out my friend Katrina's website. She does shamanic journeying.

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She will be in St. Louis this August with the Cherokee Nation doing shamanic journeying. She travels to different areas of the country to different retreats throughout the year. Shamanism saved her life in dealing with breast cancer!