Anybody believe in them?  


Im in the no column.

Definitely Not much of a literal deity man, myself.

The closest thing to god I believe in is some sort of eternal basic root conscious underlying all of existence that is endlessly evolving in a seeming attempt to actualize and perfect itself further and further.

as far as old fashioned deities go, I'm fond of the Hindu ones.

the Greek, Egyptian and Norse gods r kind fun with all their kooky misadventures as well.

It's all words. 

The god that can be named is no God.

Having said that, god is everything. And we, all of this around us for as far as there is, are but parts of the All. 

And it was good.

I worship water and air, earth and fire. What else is there?

The void. Also part of the All

in words.

Amen, Brother.