Savoy Brown, Boulton Center, Bayshore NY 5/12/17


Totally blown away by Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown at the Boulton Center in Bayshore, NY last night

Easily one of the best electric guitar players I ever saw, ever!

On stage for Kim’s guitars were only a Sunburst Gibson Les Paul, an acoustic, and a dark green Bacorn 335 Electric. 

Carnet Grimm on drums (tight & like a clock), and on bass Mr. Patrick DE Salvo.

Savoy Brown (2017) is power trio!


Lights go down, and the legendary Kim Simmonds comes out wearing a dark sport coat, a cool scarf and just Levi Jeans.

Kim’s a great commutator and interacted with the audience and spoke all throughout the show.

Take a step back, for the uninitiated. Savoy Brown was cut from the same cloth as other British rock/blues greats- John Baldry, John Mayall, and Fleetwood Mack.

Savoy Brown from 1967-1970 was fronted by the best blues/rock vocalist of that era, Chris Youlden.

Kim spoke about the greatness of Chris Youlden, and that his brother Harry Simmonds (the band’s prolific manager) passed away just 4 weeks ago.

He shed a tear a ripped out the most ripping version of Louisiana Blues. Like only Kim can.

Others tunes played were a VERY strong powerful version of “Hell Bound Train" -

A great jazz number entitled “Sunday Night & his famous rendition of the Charles Robinson number “Dark Night”.

Off course the show closed with the “Savoy Brown Boogie”

Kim Simmonds is truly a great guitar player, with bends, staccato, and vibrato like no other.

All at 70 years old.

See the Savoy Brown if you ever get the chance!

Savoy Brown May 12 2017 Boulton Center 042 resize.jpg



Thank you - interesting review - I learned a lot and it sounds like a great show..