Welcome to the Viva la Zone Hep C folder.

Dear friends,
Even though the Philzone is no longer, we still have a home in which to share information and support. Welcome.

Thanks for all your efforts ! The site looks very good, indeed !

Good to see you made it!

Wondering where you were o buddy from the far north.

You know we've come a long way when the new hep-c folder is almost empty.
May I conclude that the problem is a thing of the past ?

Pelle, after seeing the numbers of TV ads the drug company is running, it doesn't seem to be a problem of the past. There may be less support needed because people aren't having to do interferon, but there's deep knowledge of the disease here.

It will be great when it's a thing of the past.

Interferon, shrug.

I'm in! So happy to be back. Missed you all. Happy and Healthy Everyday to Everyone!


Hi Betsy! We're starting to appear! (I saw your Contact emails.) 

We're not done yet...

I am very happy folks still have this community. Y'all probably have the "big picture" when it comes to this thing called life.

heart Much Love, Much Strengthlaugh

High Betsy!

So cool finding you all here.


All the best


Hey Kids!

Finally figured it out here- thanks to Judit.


Hi Betsy, Mark and Judit!

Hi there, Ms. K! Glad you made it.

Aloha! Hope everyone is hanging tight and doing okay!  ~ Claudia

Claudia, good to see you. Thanks for coming.

If you (any/all of you) are in touch with other Hep C folder folks whom you haven't seen around here, you might let them know that they can sign up at vivalazone.com/hello-old-friends. - it can take about a week after that to get over here, but then they'll be able to post here.

Excellent visit with Judit and Walter today.   I am a lucky guy to know such awesome people.

That was fun. And sweet. And a lovely treat.

Howdy folks! Thanks Judit....wasn't as hard as I thought. ha ha This is my first time on the "new" Zone. I was just turned down for Harvoni but I still haven't had any symptoms. I may go thru Australia to get it from India. Or I may just keep plugging along. Anyway, good to "see" some phamiliar phaces here! Peace

Glad you made it, Llary!

Bout time buddy!


Yeah Mark, I am a bit slow!


Welcome Llary! We're glad you're here!!!

Llary and I had coffee and lunch together today. That was fun and very nice for me. We laughed, are depressed about the state of the county, had a good time overall. I've met some really great folks through the Hep C folder.

I see that Bruce has arrived on viva, I hope he finds his way here.

Martino posted in the Caregivers thread in the Caregivers folder. He created a thread called Meetings, and in it he says he's cured of Hep C! And a couple of other things. I pointed him in this direction, but haven't heard from him since.

I'm finally here, also finally free of HCV. My neuropathy (from the interferon) keeps me off my feet, fight to not gain weight is a losing battle with no exercise but I get up each morning and every day is a good one, some are great.

Had not ridden the motorcycle in three years so I sold it, hated seeing it just sit and actually feel okay about it. 

Peace and love to all here


Hi Ed, good to see you here. Barbarosa lives!

Sorry about your neuropathy - glad you're still getting up each day.

Peace and love to all, too.

High Ed!   Glad to hear you are clear of the dragon!  Sorry about the putt though.  Life's changes, eh?

Peace and love for sure.

Hello everyone well I had to get back to the old friends and family, it has been awhile but I am back ! Nice to see so many back, I have missed all of you so much, and I hope that we can keep staying in touch ! Well alot has happened since our time on the philzone, I am still clean from the hep-c !! No longer in Emigrant, we all got thrown out so the owner and property manager could make the places vacation rentals; everyone else got places to live, My caregiver Mikey and I and Jr and the cats ended up living 73 days in a pasture next to the yellowstone river in bad weather and total hell until we got a trailer back in livingston !! I am doing ok I guess, thanks to the medical marijuana, I haven't had any suicidal thoughts or tendiencies lately, but can't efford going to concerts only more because financies are tight !!! Take care everyone and have a great day !!!