Niagara Falls (CDN side)


A shot from the giant ferris wheel downtown looking towards the Canadian falls.


The American falls from up on the ferris wheel.


Canadian falls from one of the hotels sticking out in the first pic above.


American falls from the same hotel room.


Nice , never been have to add to the list

Our kids on maybe their 3rd trip to the Falls. Circa 2011 I reckon.

Little man was quite taken with the M&M store.


Daddy, can we get closer to the falls?


Sure, we can get pretty close.


This is about as close as you can get without it costing you money on the CDN side.


Everybody ready to leave??


Impressive pics.

So the $64,000 question is whether anyone has been over the falls in barrel, and if so, whether they can post their Gopro footage?

Excellent thread, Fretboard!  Those are some impressive photos.


I was visiting my Mom over the weekend and found the proper photo album: I was last there (and on the Canadian side) in 1972, when I was 3 years old.


Ken, you actually got me checking the youtubes for footage.  Here's some history of those who have gone over the Horseshoe Falls (spoiler alert: not everyone made it out alive).

Here's a relatively non-dramatic Gopro attached to a small float going over:


BTW: Is it OK to eat the "Red Ones" nowadays?


Thanks for sharing the videos.  Spoiler alert - kayak guy and jet ski dude didn't survive.  Barrels, people, barrels.

I think we stayed in the same hotel...



That's hilarious, nor'easter. Might have been the Embassy Suites?

We're pretty close in age, Johnny D - I will be one shy of 50 this weekend.

Man, I haven't dug out our photo albums in years - thanks for the reminder.