Guy, 39, looking for a girl



Male, 39, has a job, white/Irish, 6'0 190lbs, brown/white hair, 

Likes, Wisconsin football, Wisconsin Hockey, Grateful Dead, Wisconsin basketball, Phish, smoking weed, having sex, frisbee golf, beer

You are cute, are in better shape than me, more motivated than me and won't be a pain in the ass while I enjoy all of the things I listed under my likes. And you live near Madison, Wisconsin. No Italians either. 

You can start by trying to woo me here and if things go well I'll get you my email address through a third party.

Alright ladies, don't be shy. Post away. 



high comedy

In the words of a longtime Zoner on the old site:

"Got some Irish in ya?"  "No"  "OK - Want some?"

I'm going to assume you're a dude sideshow bob but it looks like !Viva! has potential! How close to Madison do you live? 

Funny post there Bucky.

Happily married, here ~

You know what they say, all of the good ones are married or a dude. 

Sorry Mr Buckster, the other half of me is Italian, so it woulda never worked out.

Oh shit well I'm glad you told me up front Bob

BTW I'm seeing someone now but she doesn't fit all of my criteria (she doesn't get hockey AT ALL) so still feel free to respond because nothing wrong with an upgrade 

Go Badgers!!

I'd demand a DNA test to prove she has no Italian ancestry.  Ya never know with that stuff . . .

That's a great idea Bob, thank you! 

Turns out that WASN'T such a great idea after all Bob. The new miss. badger was deeply offended that I asked for DNA to prove her lack of Italian inside her. It did not go well AT ALL. She left and stated that she won't be coming back.

Good news is, better to find out now that she is prone to outbursts without good reason. Bad news is that she is cute as hell.

But, this also means that I'm available again, so put out the word phreaks. 


Kudo's to your school's Team for knocking Villanova outta the Tourney!