My sister.


What happens when nobody cares for the caregiver?


My sister has a brain tumor

Which has been operated on 

To remove what could safely be removed.

It continues to grow, and is threatening her life.

No more can be done.


She cares for my nephew in her home

Who is 37 years old and wheelchair bound.


Last year we learned that she was a candidate 

For a new home through habitat for humanity.


She lives in a trailer, that was brought for her and her son

Over 10 years ago by my mother.

But has become too run down 

And in desperate need of upgrades and repairs.




We were pretty excited and grateful for the opportunity 

To get her new safer housing with better handicapped access for my nephew.


She has an old piece of property, 

From where she formally lived with her husband

before he passed away...


And the habitat house was going to be built there

This past spring....


Then we found out there were problems 

With the water table being too high

And eventually the whole project got pulled

Because it could not be rectified.


Needless to say, our happiness and optimism were crushed.


And my sister still lives there.

RRG - That totally sucks. If I may ask, in what state are they located? Services and various types of assistance vary state by state but there are federal mandates which "oversee" the states (theoretically). I feel horrible for their situation - especially after having the rug pulled out from under you after getting your hopes up. I would be glad to help you research possible help for the area.....I'm a retired social worker and educator who has some time on her hands (unless you ask my cats).

Oh, RRG, I am so sorry. (and it's so hard to type with tears falling from my eyes). This is one of those stories where feeling helpless is an understatement, and where heartbreak is so heavy. Damn it.
Having mutha2k's assistance may be just the thing to shed a little light. She's very experienced at both caregiving and helping others.

So much love coming your way.


RRG, I read your posts earlier today and didn't have the time to respond.  I was going to ask you the same question that mutha2k posed.  Not sure if you'd like to share what your nephew's disability is, but he may qualify for support from an agency.  And I'm sure that your family has been wondering how he will do once his mother can no longer care for him, which I hope will not happen for  a long time..


I'm a case manager with an agency in CA, which serves people with developmental disabilities, so I may be able to do a little investigative work myself.


I'm sending my thoughts, prayers and love to you and your family.

Hi RRG, I have much empathy for your situation. My good wishes for help your way are also sent. Johnny D helped Bart and I this past year.(​hi Johnnyheart) just by being here on Z​one.Hang in there!

RRG - as I re-read your first posts, I get really angry. I'd really like to help your sister's situation. Please respond - the thought of her housing needs, her personal situation and what's looking to be a shitty winter everywhere inspires the social activist in me that knows how to make stuff happen. If you's like more privacy email me at [email protected].

Hope RRG's family got the help they needed.

Awesome that those who can help will take the time to do so.