Strain recommendations that ripen early


Hi Zoners, 

Looking for strain recommendation for outdoor strains that finish early.

I have stuck a couple plants in my yard the last three summers with mixed results. I live in Portland (45.5 degrees North latitude) and fall rains usually start to blow through in mid September. Last year in particular, it seems like the rain, clouds and cool weather with humidity have led to mold or other issues just as the buds are getting ripe, so I end up with what seems like buds that aren't fully ripe with some bud rot issues. Still filled a couple mason jars but mostly smallish buds. Last year I moved the plants under an overhang which kept them from being rained on, but also kept them from getting much sun at the end of Sept and early Oct, so I don't think they really ripened up. Last year I had a GG #4 and a Duct Tape. 

this year I want to get some  strains that finish early so I can hopefully get a ripe harvest. There is also a hill right to the west so late afternoon sun sets earlier than in other parts of town. I was thinking I might be best growing a short bushy Indica strain, the OG Kush I grew the year before did pretty well but we had a sunnier late September that year. 

Any recommendations?

There's a variety around here some folks are growing this year that we call "90 Day Wonder" - dunno if that's the real name. Haven't tried myself.

If you  grow outdoors in OR you have to have rain protection. I use standard plastic sheeting.

Papaya punch is one going around lately that's about 7 weeks.  Most og are 8-9 weeks.  Auto flowering plants have come a long ways.  Ethos genetics has a really good one called Pluto that has topped out in the 30%thc range

If you want quick, go for auto flower.  But be careful, as they seem to be very finicky and sensitive to nutrients and the outdoors.  If I were to do it again, I would have started them indoor and brought them outside mid-June.  They don't like a lot of nutes and or the cold.  

can you run lights in your yard? keeping the plants on 18 hours of light and then cutting them in early august with no taper will push outdoor plants to flower a couple weeks early. just need standard lightbulbs to keep the plants awake, dont need big grow lights

Chem Fuego from Lucky Dog Seeds finishes early and produces a very nice end product. The lineage is: [(Sour Diesel x Headband) x Chemdog91 Bx3]

She performed outstanding for me this past outdoor season in a less than ideal environment. Harvested on day 50 of flower. I had obstructed sun for a good portion of the day and they still came out beautifully. No PM or rot. Potent, early-finishing gas. Gonna run it again next summer.