Re-vegging flowered clones


Anyone have experience with the process? They were left in a dark garage for about 10 days and are approximately a foot tall. Small kernels throughout which I carefully removed. They are outside now in a lot of great sunlight, so that's good; but they don't look too hot: bushy curled leaves and no new growth. 

They’ll be fine with a little work. Plants can’t go from artificial light right to sunlight - you need to gradually put them outside.

My approach would be repotting and flushing soil. When they were sexed they may have gotten hit with lots of potassium. Putting them out for a few hours at a time.

Once they start to come back top trim them. Re vegged will get a lot of new growth spots & the additional topping will add a ton a flowering sites. 


Good luck 

That seems like a lot of back & forth stress - might they be more susceptible to go hermi or worse?

By the time they go to naturally flower they’ll be good. If you stress them at flowering, yes you’ll get herms

Jonas, thanks for your insight.  Things aren't going so well, and wish I had seen your post sooner.  Going to flush tomorrow but think it may be too late for 4 of the 7.  Bottom line, consistent night temps of 55 degrees is just too damn cold for most cannabis strains. If I was in a warm and dry climate I think things would have been much different.  

We put ours out on 5-15. Temps still in the 50s and even upper 40s at night. Doesn't seem to bother them. They're not growing super fast, but they'll speed up when it gets warmer.

We usually grow our own clones and seedlings, but if you buy clones in the spring for outdoor use they often have been raised under 15 hr. to 24 hr. light. for indoor use. We try to get them in April - they go into a greenhouse where they can stay warm. We use a grow light to give them 15 hr. light  - under natural 12 hr. light at that time of year they will flower. When they go outside in mid-May the outside light period matches what they get from the grow light.

A healthy plant with strong roots can withstand 50 degree temps - sick plants not so much.  Keep at them. Im sure you can save a few.  Bring them in at night.  If you want post a pic or send me one, I can probably tell by looking at them if they're able to be salvaged.  Get them repotted and flushed.  After a few days Id start with a very mild veg. fert, 1-.5-1(or similar) and then a very mild foiler spray once the green comes back.