No-till living soil


Anyone else tried or flourishing using this method?  

I'm adding molasses & worm casting teas as well as generous kelp meal applications. 

Here's an awesome soil recipe that I am improvising with in my vegetable garden. If anyone is interested, listen to Clackamas Coot on random podcasts. The guy is a guru when it comes to living soil. 

Slightly modified from the original Clackamas Coot recipe 1/2 yard:

(4) 5 gallon buckets of coco coir

(4) 5 gallon buckets of peat moss

(4) 5 gallon buckets of pumice

(5) 5 gallon buckets of worm castings

(3) 5 gallons buckets of rice hulls

(1.75) quarts oyster shell flakes

(1.75) quarts oyster shell powder

(1.75) quarts azomite

(1.75) quarts Gaia Green glacial rock dust

(3.5) quarts Cascade Minerals (basalt)

(3.5) quarts gypsum

(2) quarts kelp meal

(2) quarts crustacean meal

(2) quarts neem seed meal

that's a lotta shit to buy

Most serious cultivators I know who also build soil in bulk (yards), from scratch, would tell you Jim is quite the salesman.



That is a lot of stuff, and it seems like there'd be a lot of time involved too. What are the benefits?

I can see doing all that for a major farm/grow operation, but not for a few plants and 400 sq/ft of veggie garden.

We have had great success using any of soils (Light; 3.0; & Oly Mtn.) from BAS.  By Growers for Growers.  Buddy is on 3rd run NoTill using Earthbox sip from HD. 

Their free Grow-Along Series is the best cannabis resource on YT hands down. 

I've used the glacial dust (magic dust!) and oyster shell powder in my veggie beds and the mineral boost really made a difference in my acid-dominant soil (in addition to lime) in Portland.

I enjoyed learning about the soil and what different plants need to grow strong.



Asked one of my grower buddies "Are you running CO2?" 
He said " My living soil produces CO2" 

I thought to myself, soil producing 1400ppm ?!? Yeah, no.

Even though this guy does have Danky nugs, it amazes me on how some people are so closed minded when it comes to growing buds. I guess he's just "sticking with what he knows."

Most people do just that - even though there are nearly endless different methods and processes to try.