Friggin' mold...


Hey folks,

So, I'm harvesting now my first ever solo indoor project. It turned out pretty nicely all in all, considering the limitations I'm working with. One of my plants, though, got pretty moldy and I had to throw away like half of it, probably around 30 or 40 grams worth of bud. Real bummer, but shit happens, I guess. Next round I'm going to use slighly smaller cloth pots so the plants have a little more space between them. I'm also going to use one of those bungee-cord things to keep all the buds standing and spaced evenly. I always use biobizz products, and apparently they have a leaf spray. I'm hoping to use that next round and that it will help prevent mold.

I'm thinking by keeping all the plants and buds properly spaced, with the leaf spray, and constantly removing dead leaves from the environment, that I can hopefully reduce or eliminate the mold problem. What say thee, Zoner growers? Any strategies for reducing or eliminating mold from an indoor? Or just in general?

Thanks in advance, y'all...

Hi Javs,

Keeping the dead leaves picked up and spacing your plants properly is definitely good housekeeping and technique, but if your grow room humidity is more than 50% during the last six weeks of flower, you'll need to get a single room dehumidifier and set it to about 45%. Just let it run on auto day and night until you harvest. You'll need to keep the bucket emptied regularly or you can connect a drain hose to it if you're lucky enough to have a place to drain it. Also, make sure that you have enough air movement in the room from fans that you can see the leaves dance, and those need to be left on 24 hrs a day too. You don't need to aim the fans directly at the plants so long as you can feel good overall air movement in the room.

Stay away from all sprays during flower; if your environment is correct, you will never need these. You don't want residues of anything on your harvested flower when you later use it for smoking or making edibles.

Pretty good for your first try, it sounds like you've got this with just a few tweaks. Best wishes for many future fuzzy-memoried harvests! :-)

Hey Joe, sorry, I forget to check in here.

Thanks for your response and clearing that up - I'll stay away from the sprays then, thanks for the tip. I'm definitely going to be more careful with the humidity next round. And I was keeping all the dead leaves trimmed, but stacked off to the side, which was dumb of me. I also had some temperature control issues which made the humidity issue worse after I would water, and I think I was over watering one plant, which for some reason didn't dry off as fast as the others and that's the one that got the mold. Oh well, you live and you learn. Thanks again, Joe! We'll see how it goes this next time around! :)

My .02 cents, check out leaf stripping & lolloping techniques that typically happen around week 2 +/- of flower. If you space is tight like mine this is a must do, at least to some extend.

Its a somewhat controversial topic, but will help open up your canopy, allow more air flow and increase yield.

I would recommend Mr Canucks on the YouTube as a great source .