Dry Ice Hash


Anyone use this method? All you need is dry ice, a bucket, and the 70 and 120 micron bubble bags. The output is clean and dry, and it takes 10 minutes to fully process 6oz, rather than the hours and multiple stirring it takes to do ice hash. Is it too good to be true? https://www.growweedeasy.com/dry-ice-hash

Awesome timing, BK. I watched that video last night, and I'm heading out to a buddy's house tomorrow with a pound plus of trim to process with dry ice. I'll report back in the next few days.

I have done this with great success 

The stuff that comes out early is much better quality so you probably want to shake for a little while clean up then finish shaking or move to different glass surface .

Nice, Mike. I can't wait to hear how it goes. Ice hash is a pain in the ass, time consuming, and a fucking mess. I have so much popcorn and trim that it's nuts.

Dry ice hash seems too good to be true, but it's everything that link you posted makes it out to be, BK. It's quick and easy, and you can start smoking what you've made immediately. We processed about pound of trim, and got close to an ounce of hash. Whereas ice hash is a pain in the ass, dry ice left me feeling giddy about the whole thing.

Excellent! How much dry ice did you use, and how long did it take to process 1 lb?

I have about 6 oz of trimmed flower from last year, plus a few pounds of sugar leaves and popcorn from this year. If I could be done with it all in a few hours, I'll praise Jah!

I think it was 10 pounds of dry ice, which cost about ten bucks. We spent about an hour or two, and the only real effort was the shaking. You'll get a bit of an upper-body and core workout, but there's not much weight involved, so it's not too bad.

This is what we got from the first couple ounces of trim. The first sift (73 μm) is on the right; second sift (220 μm) on the left. Click the pic if you want to get a closer look.


A couple ozs of several unknown old-ish kush strains made this.  I made a mistake of putting the kief in a not sterilized jelly jar. Notice the macro hair . I tweezerd it out.

It turned out great.




one tip I found that helps is to lay out a sheet (around 6' x 6') of clean black plastic. As you shake the weed/dry ice, the golden trichomes fall out and are very easy to see and scrape up. It also makes the change from golden to darker ( time to stop shaking) very easy to see. The CO2 fog and the golden trichomes falling out of the bag with each shake are a beautiful contrast with the black plastic. Personally, I like the 120um bags and it takes about 5lbs of dry ice for a qp of flower to get around an ounce of kief.  I like to fill a 37um dab bag with kief and press it at 170F for fresh rosin dabs. 

Thanks for the tip!

I have 24 lbs of dry ice being delivered tomorrow morning, which should be enough to process just over 2 lbs of dried matter, plus another lb of green frozen.

Holy shit, that was amazing! In less than 2 hours I fully processed (including set-up and clean-up) about 2 lbs of trim and popcorn. Total yield:

72 micron: 23g

160 micron: 57 g

220 micron: 63 g

That's a pretty great yield for outdoor diddle. The 220 will go to extract and edibles.

Here's the 72 micron at 1,000x. 


I threw a cooler with 5 pounds of dry ice in my fridge to store for a day. It was 99% gone the next morning cheeky

It vaporizes at -109, so it doesn't matter if it's in the fridge, freezer or outside, it'll lose 10 lbs every 24 hours.

Mike, is that kief from a standard Trim Bin - 150 micron? 

We used two bags, JR. 73 and 220 micron. The kit my buddy got doesn't have one in the 150 range.