When They See Us. Watch past the closing credits. Incredible interview with the actors and the men they portrayed - the Exonerated 5. I still tear up thinking about the hell they experienced. So moving to see their strength and commitment to justice for all. My heart breaks for Korey  Wise, that man has been through hell and then some. Phenomenal casting, acting and directing. Ava DuVernay is a saint and a genius. I just want to hug them all.


Only watched one episode of the new Dark Mirror season so far - the one with Miley Cyrus. I liked where they took the story, it reminded me of where Lady Gaga in A Star is Born veered off course. 

I like Schitt’s Creek and the Bob Dylan Revue haven’t watched the ones you mentioned. 

Oh, thanks for the reminder on Dylan. I started it but didn’t was good but I fell asleep 



check out the episode about Dylan on ‘Urban Myths’

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt also examines the plight of the unjustly imprisoned.

Bojack Horseman is the greatest show in television history.

I like The Black Godfather.  Man was well connected.

Jessica Jones Season 3 is pretty cool, so far, but I've only watched the first five episodes

It's a wonderful thing that they had the rape charge overturned.

But they admitted to participating in the event, holding down the victim while Matias Reyes committed the rape. 

"All admitted they touched or restrained Meili while one or more of the others assaulted her."

If you don't know these facts you're not paying attention.

They hardly deserve to be lionized as heroes.

>>>>>But they admitted to participating in the event, holding down the victim while Matias Reyes committed the rape. 

Hey THOM they were coerced into confessing you idiot. I’m sorry I gave you that Wilco password now you schmuck. Go fuck yourself.

Geez, Thom, way to take every opportunity available to show that you are a callous and cold human being without a shred of empathy or caring for your fellow human being, and certainly without enough brain power to even realize that that's what you are doing. You have to take literally EVERYTHING that is posted on here and turn it into your political platform. What a dick...

Netflix is mostly garbage anymore.

cops used the old 'your buddy says you did it' routine. 

Shocked that Thom is mimicking Trump's words on the Exonerated 5.  *sarcasm*


Yes, the 14,15 16 year old kids right's were violated and their confessions were tortured out of them. And no, not one shred of physical evidence to connect them to the crime. The reason they were exonerated  is because the actual lone rapist's DNA was a match and this serial rapist M.O. matched the other rapes for which he was guilty.


But thanks to Thom for confirming  what we already knew about him. Simply Deplorable. 

Not everything is about Trump.

In reality, I mean.

That was low even for that stupid asshole Thom.

Thom is the same dude who celebrated MLK Jr. Day one year by linking a biography published on lol 

Nothing is ‘too low’ for Giant Nips.

whats confusing to me is that i read the link thom provided and it seems to back up the basic story that was told in the film and does not reference their involvment in the event outside of their coerced admission...did thom even read that link?

Netflix is mostly garbage anymore.

"netflix originals" have always been garbage. people love house of cards or orange/black, but in reality those shows couldnt dream of holding a candle to the real heavyweights like the wire, breaking bad, twin peaks, the knick, etc etc...and ever since those two shows, quality has been declining even more to the point we are at now where most of the content is cringy, superficial pandering crap just like what is on channels like abc. cbs, fox etc.

but "when they see us" is different...this was an incredible miniseries...a serious heavyweight. this and bloodlines are the only netflix originals worth watching.

I mostly agree but I take a guilty pleasure in shows like "Castlevania" (which is, indeed, pandering crap) and shows that are not necessarily produced by Netflix by are distributed. "Black Spot," for instance. 

The dwindling digital catalog is more concerning. They are hemorrhaging​ good third-party content in favor of promoting their own productions. At this point you need both Hulu and Amazon Video to supplement Netflix's pitiful library, and even then, access to cult classics, horror flicks, foreign films and much of the Criterion collection is unaccounted for.

It's just about enough to force one to start collecting DVDs again.

i never stopped pirating...ive been torrenting everything for over a decade now