The Bobstar last night in Hyde Park

Leonard Cohen's death left an opening in the Septuagenarian Sex Symbol Club.

Wow, he looks like he’s having a very good time. Thanks for the link.

Have not seen him so animated on stage in a long time .....

Bluest, Leonard Cohen did nothing for me. This Bob action, however, is pretty good.

>> Leonard Cohen did nothing for me

Well, that's... telling.

Ateix and I actually agree on something.

And it's telling that this is considered animated.

One story quickly spreading across social media was that of an attendee using music app Shazam to try and identify a Dylan song.

The guy in front of me trying to use @Shazam to identify a song Bob Dylan is playing live in Hyde Park has unrealistic expectations of what technology can ever achieve.




>> Leonard Cohen did nothing for me

Well, that's... telling. <<<


What's it... telling?

Judit, in your assessment of Leonard Cohen were you speaking from a physical attraction aspect, or musical?

Lance, I was speaking from a physical attraction point of view in response to Bluest's Septuagenarian Sex Symbol Club.


In this case, what I took to be Dylan's pleasure at being there from his smiling dance as he sang was attractive, lovely and charming.

As an aside, I've never listened to Leonard Cohen except having heard what seems to me to be his overplayed Hallelujah. I haven't been drawn to him perhaps because he wasn't part of what I listened to in my youth, nor what my friends and I listened to through the years.


I'd kinda like to hear Dylan do Everybody Knows.

I thought it was a Dylan tune the first time I heard it.